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Profile On: Rebecca Hilton, North East Horse Rug Repairs

Have you always been interested in horses?
My history is steeped in horses, from the days when my grandfather ploughed his paddocks with a work horse!  I have been interested in the majestic creature since this time seeing the versatility of the horse from work, sport and pleasure.


Rebecca of North East Horse Rug Repairs

I spent my childhood riding with friends having great adventures and on school holidays I would work at a trail riding ranch.  My teenage and adult days were devoted to working cattle on horse back which lead me to working in the NT on a cattle station which was a real highlight in my life.

I later started the sport of breakaway roping which is just so much fun and rewarding.

What is it exactly that you do?
I am the owner and manager of North East Horse Rug Repairs, this is a business I created a few years ago, mainly because I could see a big void in the industry.

I found there is nothing more annoying than finding that perfect fitting rug for my horse, and then when it became damaged finding a person that could restore it back to its original fit.  So I now repair rugs, make new rugs and accessories to create the perfect package.

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
I would hate to add up the hours devoted to horses, however I can tell you that my day starts with feeding, removing rugs, then off to the work shed to repair rugs, then back to the paddock to re rug, feed and if time allows have a quick ride, but having two young children has limited my time to ride.

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earn a reliable income?
Yes it is possible to create a reliable income, however this does not come without great dedication,the horse industry is very particular and want to see quality work for their money, professional service and reliability, it is not a profession for someone who is not prepared to give 100%

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
The first thing I would advise is anyone considering going into business is that you do a small business course.

You would then need to have some knowledge of horse anatomy so you understand when cutting a pattern what to allow for, a knowledge of the use of an industrial sewing machine and lots of patience for the time unpicking and restitching repair work.

Favourite horse memory?
Although I have had many happy memories of working & riding horses I would have to say winning my first rodeo was a real buzz, and training my own rope horse.

Future goals?
I want to build my business into a profitable and reliable service and have the ability to work from home long term.

Best thing about your profession?
I love watching those before and after shows such as the Block and its the same when people bring rugs into me which are very damaged and then looking at them after I’ve repaired them and their back to a usable rug, it’s rewarding.

“Look back at our struggle for freedom, trace our present day’s strength to its source; and you’ll find that our pathway to glory, is strewn with the bones of the horse.” – Author unknown

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