While at the Premier Yearling Sales at Oaklands Junction in February of this year, I came across a heap of books for sale for $5 and managed to snap up one of the Dick Francis novels I didn’t yet own.

Reflex mixes two of my favourite things – horses and photography and because of the storyline, is so far my favourite of his mystery novels.

Reflex by Dick Francis

Reflex revolves around jumps jockey Philip Nore who is just drifting along in life, taking whatever is thrown his way without high expectations for life or high opinions of himself.

A talented photographer but not seeing himself as skilled, just one who enjoys his hobby, Nore finds himself with a collection of odds and ends from a recently deceased photographer who lived in the racing world, capturing people’s best – and often worst – moments on film.

Quietly relieved that the sadistic photographer has passed on, Nore is amazed to find out much more about this character after his untimely death.  Such information leads him to a number of different investigations with regards to people in the racing world; investigations that start to threaten his own livelihood.

Throw in the grandmother who hates him, questions of who his father is and an annoying solicitor and it seems Nore almost doesn’t have time for the horses he rides for a living.  Reflex again shows the brilliant mind of Dick Francis and is a most enjoyable read.

Author: Dick Francis
Fiction – Crime.
In My Library? Absolutely.  Interesting and detailed enough to cause you to learn along the way, Francis keeps you interested to the end.  A small amount of swearing but otherwise a clean read.
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“Lessons from your horse: when you’re worried, let me entertain you with my mystery lameness.”

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2 thoughts on “Reflex”

  1. Hey, i recently read a great book about Monty Roberts. I think it was called ‘The Man who Listens to Horses’ its non-fiction, and its pretty much his life story, but I’ve never read anything that got me so excited about being with horses. Its about how he has come to develop his method of ‘join up’ – a non-aggressive method of starting young horses, and I just thought it was brilliant. Anyone interested in horses should definitely have a go at this one. It has to be the first non-fiction novel that i have struggled to put down!

  2. It is indeed a good book isn’t it, Alana? I loved it and was the same – unable to put it down. I can be quite the same with Dick Francis novels – eagerly awaiting lunch time where I can read more while at work!

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