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Riders 4 Helmets

Helmets are Beneficial with Horses, not only when Riding

Helmet awareness day is fast approaching (June 22).

When you consider how unpredictable and dangerous (not intentionally) the equine animal can be, it’s no surprise that utilising a helmet whilst riding (and handling) horses is a good thing to advocate.

This is an OH&S rule where I teach horse studies. No matter how experienced a horse handler is, a helmet is beneficial to decrease risks of injury to the head.

There are many educational facilities, well known horse businesses and equestrian celebrities that are jumping on the advertising bandwagon.

If you take part in a horse club such as pony club or a breeds group, perhaps you’d like to consider how you can do your part to raise awareness with regards to wearing helmets.

For details internationally take a look at

“Use your head, not your spurs.” – author unknown

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