Riding for Redemption by Bev Petterson

Now this is a book where the cover caught me – I really like its design! Two or three photos have been fit nicely together, showing a gorgeous property, horses running and a couple embracing. The cover is beautiful and the story a delight. Riding for Redemption is a truly enjoyable horse story for the mature age reader.

Riding for Redemption by Bev Petterson
Riding for Redemption by Bev Petterson

Scott Taylor runs a successful investigative business. He has a great team and is good at his job – things are going great. On his last task however, he got hurt as he was protecting an innocent young boy. And so Scott finds himself with an overprotective assistant who makes him take some time off. This just happens to coincide with a time where a friend needs his help at a school he runs for jockeys, exercise riders and stable hands.

Knowing his reputation and background from the police force will help his friend Garrett, Scott eventually agrees. Although he can’t think of anything more distressing than time away from his business, he is thankful that there are at least horses for him to ride.

Megan Jones is undertaking the exercise rider course. It’s not exactly how she pictured her life – especially when she has a flourishing jewellery business of her own. But it’s the only way for her to do a little undercover work and find out what happened to her younger brother Joey. Knowing he had a history with drugs, Megan is suspicious of his sudden disappearance. The fact that the police have written him off as just another junkie has left the young woman feeling frustrated and not knowing how to progress.

As Megan is making her way back to the academy one afternoon, she is shocked to see a vehicle driving recklessly in front of her. It results in another driver being run off the road.

Megan pulls over to help and finds herself amazed at the attraction she feels toward the driver – Scott Taylor. It seems the feeling is mutual. As she helps him tow his vehicle, Scott grabs her details and they plan to catch up for dinner.

The date feels so far away and yet Megan finds she bumps into Scott a lot sooner than expected. Their growing attraction quickly develops, despite Megan’s secrecy at the riding academy. As she learns more about the people in the school and discovers more about Joey’s disappearance, Megan questions if Scott can help her. He is a private investigator, after all. But the fact that the school is run by his closest friend Garrett is a hindrance.

As the two work out where their relationship is headed, they are caught up in a unique mystery in the horse industry. Megan is desperate to clear her brother’s name. Scott is adamant he won’t get caught up with drug addicts – not again. Riding for Redemption builds well and has a delightful ending. The characters are realistic, the horse information rings true and the romance captures you.

Author: Bev Petterson
Fiction – adult
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