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Saddle Covers

I was going through with some of the kids their handy mount, show jumping and agility yesterday for the 2008 EFA Mitavite Victorian Interschool Championships (boy is that a mouthful!) and had a girl in the group that I’ve not met before. She had a gorgeous pony, gorgeous gear to match and this really eye catching saddle cover – I just loved it!

Turns out that she bought it on eBay along with a cover for her riding helmet, bridle bag and apparently the woman that makes and sells them does other covers as well for boots, tail bags and more. Her mother couldn’t remember the name of the seller on eBay but I’ve found a few that seem to be selling a small variety of saddle covers and was surprised to find side saddle covers, too!

It did make me think though that for those who are capable sewers that this could be a nice little sideline business, perhaps for a mum with young kids who could do with bringing in some extra funds for the family or a student who sews and needs to be earning money alongside studying.

A saddle cover Jade Eyes was selling on eBay.The saddle covers and other items really wouldn’t cost a lot in the way of material and elastic needed and from observing a sister who sews and how quickly she can put together simple outfits, I believe these items could be made reasonably quickly meaning when taking into account the cost for materials (pardon the pun) and time invested, you could sell them cheaply while still making a profit.

Some sellers I found on eBay (alternatively you could just do a search on saddle covers): – My Girl Gemini provides covers for western saddles and other gear. – Catherine provides plain coloured saddle covers for general purpose saddles. – Jade Eyes has some eye catching prints for general purpose saddles. – Izzie has general purpose and side saddle covers, helmet covers and more.

If this appeals to you, it wouldn’t be difficult or expensive to pick out some eye catching materials and make a half dozen or so examples to put up on eBay. Others have done so with other items, such as Axiom rugs where there seems to be a couple each day up for bid. The appeal to this is a constant turnover for you and at least if people come to like your product, you know they can always find it at the same address which is accessible to all with an Internet connection. And honestly, the advertising cost versus the number of people that could potentially find your product is extremely good.

Take a look at how others are doing things, how they advertise their product, how long it’s up for bid, postage costs and what seems to be popular and why not see if you can provide a product of similar or better standard that is keeping you busy, earning money and doing something you enjoy.

“A pony is a childhood dream, A horse is an adulthood treasure.” – Rebecca Carroll

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