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Son of the Whirlwind

I think the Silver Brumby series will forever by my favourite horse fiction. The Silver Brumby I’ve devoured countless times and never grow tired of reading.

Son of the Whirlwind by Elyne Mitchell.Son of the Whirlwind tells the tale of Thowra’s last son, a silver colt so like his father that he was also named for the wind.

Wirramirra and his mother Yuri travel from their home in the north to seek out the silver stallion that had run with Yuri for a season before returning south to his home where the winter snows beckoned him.

Not surprisingly the colt encounters dangers in the form of jealous stallions and men out to catch one of the rare silver brumbies. Wirramirra although not having grown up with the threat of man has engrained in him the wisdom of his father and grandmother Bel Bel which saves him on many occasions and further shows the qualities of his father as the young horse thrills in outwitting the hunters.

Elyne Mitchell once again does a wonderful job of depicting a young horse’s joy in being alive and his love for some beautiful parts of Australia’s terrain – the Snowy Mountains.

Son of the Whirlwind is yet another story that brings up romantic imagery of silver brumbies roaming wild and free across beautifully wild terrain located in Eastern Australia; so much so that it entices the reader with the idea of checking out the likes of the Kosciusko National Park.

Author: Elyne Mitchell
In my library? It has to be to complete this awesome series that captures your heart and imagination.

“A horse’s magnificence is in his strength of heart. With flowing tail and flying main, Wide nostrils, never stretched by pain, Mouths bloodless to the bit or rein, And feet that iron never shod, A thousand horses – the wild – the free Like waves that follow o’er the sea, Came thickly thundering on.”

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3 Responses to “Son of the Whirlwind”

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  • Golden:

    I discovered The Silver Brumby one rainy day, prowling through secondhand boxes at the age of nine. By the time I had finished, the horses seemed so real to me that my heart ached with love for my favourite stallion, Thowra, and the other Silver and non-silver brumbies in the series, and with sadness over the loss of Thowra, BelBel, Golden, and my other beloved horses on the way. When I finished a Silver Brumby book I sigh, and wish the book didn’t end, that it could go on and on and on…. Elyne Mitchelle, you wrote the best books I and the country have seen, you are a champion.

    • Jenny:

      I am 46 years old and started readingt this most beloved series to my son when the centenary edition was published. He lost interest when I got to moon Filly (one of my favorites) but I have kept on – retreading these most powerful books and enjoying them as much as I did 35 years ago. I just wish there were more! Thank you Elyne Mitchell for the countless hours of pure unadulterated joy you have brought me both as a little girl and now as a mature woman. Long live the Whirlwind, most wondrous stallion of the Snowy mountains!

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