Star Rider (Saddle Club 19) by Bonnie Bryant

In the nineteenth book in the Saddle Club series, Star Rider focuses on an exciting event at Pine Hollow. Teen heartthrob Skye Ransom is shooting a new movie and they need a horsey set. What better place than the Pine Hollow stables and surrounds?

Star Rider (Saddle Club #19) by Bonnie Bryant
Star Rider (Saddle Club #19) by Bonnie Bryant

Lisa, Carole and Stevie previously helped Skye when they ran into him in New York. He was having issues learning to ride – a topic the three girls know a lot about! When Lisa unexpectedly becomes his teacher, she is rapt. This follows through in Star Rider. Skye is still having trouble. In fact, he’s down right scared of horses.

When Lisa gives him some simple pointers, she is amazed to find the director watching. Further to this, he casts her in a small role!

This is wonderful news. However, it takes away from Lisa’s time helping her two friends. Colonel Hanson, Carole’s father, has a big birthday coming up. The three girls had planned to work together to achieve a great surprise party. With Lisa – the methodical list person – not available to Carole and Stevie, they question if they can organise the party effectively.

Star Rider by Bonnie Bryant

Star Rider is an entertaining read, watching the girls at their best as they work to help each other. Skye’s fear of riding is solved in a unique way. On top of this, he is able to help out the girls with their party planning.

Horses feature well in the story, though not as heavily as in some of the other books in the series. Even so, this is another fun read in the Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant.

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Fiction – pre and early teenage years.
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