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Straight from the Horse’s Heart

A spiritual ride through love, loss and hope.

I received Straight from the Horse’s Heart in the post a couple of weeks ago and after getting a few others read and out of the way, set down to devour this book – it wasn’t hard.

I love those that you can just keep reading but get frustrated when they’re finished and there is no more!  Reading this book was just like that; being made up of around thirty short stories, all from the author’s experience.

Straight from the Horse's Heart by R.T FitchR.T obviously has a calling on his life to do something about neglect, abuse and the inhumane slaughter of horses – a call that isn’t going to let him be until he’s told everyone.

Although a burden to take on such a responsibility, there needs to be more people which such a desire to see justice for these gorgeous animals and you can be part of that – the proceeds of this book go toward  Read more on the site or perhaps you’d like to read the R.T Fitch ‘Profile On.’

The book in itself is an eye opener and challenges you, the reader to not be moved by what goes on in slaughterhouses around the world.

As the author himself states: “…read with an open mind and accept only what your heart tells you to accept.”

Some of the things in this book don’t resonate with me but it doesn’t change the fact that the stories are powerful and they make the reader aware of this crime against horses.

With knowledge comes responsibility and I can only hope that all readers of this book take in the depictions of the gorgeous characters and what their kind are subjected to and then choose to act upon this knowledge.  It starts with one but can move so much faster with many more – you can start with one action; read this book and be moved.

Author: R.T Fitch
Non Fiction
In my library? You betcha – even managed to get ahold of a signed copy – thanks R.T!
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

“Now that I have seen, I am responsible.” – Brooke Fraser

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