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The Horse Whisperer

While studying in Ireland one of our teachers was clearing out her collection of old books and magazines. In the collection was a copy of the Horse Whisperer and because she was getting rid of it all, I quickly snapped up the copy.

Surprisingly, I’d not read the book before and set to devouring the story around a horse and young rider that were in a spirit shattering accident and the devastated family that sought to fix things with the help of a horse whisperer.

The Horse Whisperer, Nicholas Evans.The majority of this story I really enjoyed and the imagery brought up from the first few pages when the equine related accident occurs was really well written.

It was also interesting to read about the ‘horse whisperer’ and his approach to horses and life in general. There were some… training perspectives, perhaps… that I found worth considering.

I didn’t however enjoy reading about the same character’s justification for a woman cheating on her husband.

Despite disagreeing with the way the characters’ relationships were panning out, I continued the book, eager to read how this traumatised horse was to be reached and hopefully restored to a happy individual.

The relationship with the young girl and her horse was amazing to read about but the ending of the book was for me a large disappointment, a cop out and I couldn’t see myself reading the book again.

Author: Nicholas Evans
In my library? Without wanting to be flamed (and please understand that this is just my opinion), another no thanks. I strongly disliked the end of this book but was surprised to find that it was changed for the movie. The morals written throughout are too detailed and not appealing either.

“You cannot train a horse with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper.” – Dagobert D. Runes

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One Response to “The Horse Whisperer”

  • I have to agree with you completely. I’m always afraid to tell my horsey friends that I did not care for this book so much, mostly due to the story of the cheating mom. It seemed like an unnecessary subplot and a terrible moral lesson to an otherwise great story.

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