The Swallow’s Storm by Ruby Loren

I downloaded this short mystery for free recently on Kindle. I love the idea of the story – a horse comes back riderless from being ridden out in the woods. The horse is physically and emotionally damaged. It’s up to horse psychologist Hayley Argent to determine if the horse can heal and go back to his eventing career. Or, if he is to stay unmanageable and dangerous. The Swallow’s Storm is an interesting and entertaining mystery.

The Swallow’s Storm by Ruby Loren | Equus Education
The Swallow’s Storm by Ruby Loren | Equus Education

This novel is a quick and easy read that focuses on an inter stable championship. It seems that when everyone gets competitive, their worst natures come out. Hayley is determined that Hadrian, a beautiful dapple grey gelding isn’t the monster he’s made out to be. And his rider’s death she is sure has a hidden story behind it.

As Hayley works to help Hadrian and solve the mystery, she comes across some nasty characters in the riding world. Thankfully, there are also some genuine horse people, too. The Swallow’s Storm is a short mystery that is wrapped up nicely, with the added bonus of focusing on horse psychology.  There is a hint of romance thrown in and the potential for relationships to develop further in future books.

Unfortunately the horse information is only provided on a superficial level; it isn’t incorrect, but doesn’t show a lot of insight into the horse world.  Also, the reference to a white horse and a horse ‘snickering’ rather than nickering didn’t ring true for me.

Hayley at times was also referenced as Holly, making me question the editing of the novel. That aside, the Swallow’s Storm was an easy and enjoyable read.

Author – Ruby Loren
Fiction – adult
In my library – as an electronic copy it is!
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