The Tagger Herd by Gini Roberge

The Tagger Herd by Gini Roberge

Dru Tagger is the eldest of three and in some shocking circumstances, suddenly finds herself with her brothers and no other living relatives. As young adults, the three are left in charge of the family’s ranch.

Fast forward twenty years and Dru receives an unusual call to their equine operation – The Stables. When a recently widowed woman voices concern over her unattended farm and a seemingly irrelevant delivery of hay, Dru agrees to drive down to the farm to see if there are any animals that shouldn’t be there.

Taking nieces and nephews with her, the car full of people are amazed to find a stable full of horses that have been left alone after their purchaser dies. Weeks of not having been fed or watered show in the struggling skeletons and Dru and her charges work hard to free them from the mud and muck they have been living in.

As things progress, Dru and the children find themselves in charge of a dozen horses in desperate need of some tender loving care. The mystery of how they came to be this way slowly surfaces, taking the children and their parents on a journey of discovery. The biggest lesson they learn is the importance of relationships, caring for each other and the animals in their lives.

The Tagger Herd is a great look at rehabilitating horses from neglect and not judging those who are inadvertently involved in horses becoming neglected. In spite of some grammatical errors, it is a well written story that is realistic.

Author: Gini Roberge
Fiction – adult
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“A man of kindness to his horse, is kind
But brutal actions show a brutal mind.
He was designed thy servant, not thy drudge.
Remember his creator is thy judge.” – Author unknown

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