Yearling (North Oak 2) by Ann Hunter

Things have changed drastically for Alexandra Anderson in the past 12 months. This is shown in Yearling, the second book in the North Oak series. Alex is no longer an orphan struggling to do what is required of her in a home run by a tyrant of a woman.

Yearling (North Oak 2) by Ann Hunter
Yearling (North Oak 2) by Ann Hunter

Instead, she has found a home and a – slightly dysfunctional – family in the staff members at North Oak. But it’s the horses that Alex feels most at home with, not the parental figures or teenage girls slightly older than her.

Alex only wants to spend time with the horses and to learn to ride. If she can ride well, then she can run away – be free – on the back of a horse. But it seems that the family who are looking after her and offering her a home have other ideas.

As soon as Hillary discovers Alex’s lack of literacy, she vows to do something about it. Plus, she is insistent on Alex attending school, not staying on the farm and playing with horses.

As Alex battles with her lack of education and fitting in, she receives another blow. The yearling colt she has grown so fond of is being prepared for sale. Promenade, the one horse that she grew to love was being taken away from her and she could do nothing about it.

Yearling further develops the characters that were introduced in the first book. Alex grows and learns to lower some of her protective barriers. The reader is introduced to a fourth young woman who is fighting some battles of her own. As Carol is brought into the picture, Alex’s relationship with Ashley has light shed on it and it’s possible to see why Alex chooses to put up defences to avoid getting hurt. Yearling is a good follow on from Born to Run.

Author – Ann Hunter
Fiction – teen
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