Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley by Marguerite Henry

Many will be familiar with horse book author Marguerite Henry. The name is often associated with the book Misty of Chincoteague. In another book by the same author, Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley focuses on the attributes of the mule.

Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley by Marguerite Henry
Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley by Marguerite Henry

Young Molly desires nothing more in life than to have a horse. She doesn’t care if the horse is a filly or a colt, just so long as it is young and has much life and spirit in it. But all of this seems irrelevant when her parents are struggling financially and a horse is out of the question.

And yet, in time her dream comes true and Molly learns it is as much a desire of her own as it is her father’s. The horse that they are able to purchase isn’t exactly what Molly had in mind, however. Lady Sue is old, underweight and worn out.

As she is showered with love, food and good health care however, she starts to flourish. Molly finds that maybe she can be proud of the horse that she has, rather than the one she dreamed of owning. Also, Lady Sue has a surprise for the whole family – she’s in foal. And the foal isn’t another horse, it’s a mule! The little colt mule that is born turns out to be the best surprise for Molly.

As she invests her time in her schoolwork, Molly is rewarded with more time to spend with the colt she’s named Brown Sunshine. When her studies and love of mules is combined, it results in an amazing opportunity for the pair. Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley is a unique fictional novel that looks at the history of the mule and how it helped in the United States. This book is both entertaining for young readers and educational. It’s an enjoyable read with a happy ending.

Author – Marguerite Henry
Fiction – children
In my library? – That it is!
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