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Free Horse Biosecurity Course

I have shared about the free online horses courses from My Horse University before.  Recent I undertook the biosecurity course, knowing that it would be something that would build on an area of weakness for my knowledge.  This was especially beneficial for me as I needed to update documentation for my work as an equine teacher.  On this document I am required to outline the units that I teach across various horse qualifications.  From here, I need to identify the skills, knowledge, industry experience and qualifications that match to those units that I assist in teaching and assessing in.  The free horse biosecurity course by My Horse University was perfect to fill in a gap for biosecurity specific units – perfect!

Free Horse Biosecurity Course

This course contained a lot of valuable information and outside links to read up further on particular aspects.  Issues of biosecurity relating to horses and how they can be effectively managed are highlighted in the course.

Free Horse Biosecurity Course | Equus Education
Free Horse Biosecurity Course | Equus Education

You can complete it at your own pace and are able to take a quiz/test at the end to test your comprehension of the topic.  For those who achieve 70% or higher on this test, you are rewarded with an electronic certificate from My Horse University that you can print off.

The test is able to be taken multiple times and is easy to utilise.  The content in this online course is easy to navigate and follow, set out in decent sized sections to work through.  You’re able to undertake one free course through My Horse University, so this one worked perfectly for me.  If you’re looking to upskill yourself and for a certificate to prove the time and effort you’ve invested, I encourage you to look into the free courses available through My Horse University.

Extension Horses Free Courses

I am currently undertaking a free course by My Horse University and there was a link to eXtension’s HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Equine Pasture Management.  I’m always up for more free horse courses!  Checking out the link, it turns out that there are about half a dozen free horse related courses that are on offer through eXtension Horses.

To undertake any of these courses you’ll need a Moodle account and Flash.  Further educating yourself about horses and their care and management is always worth investing in.  Doing so with a short course that you can put on your resume or maybe even gain a certificate from is that much more appealing!

Extension Horses Free Courses | Equus Education
Extension Horses Free Courses | Equus Education

Free Horse Courses through Extension Horses

You can check out the different lessons through the eXtension Horses page.  They cover:

  • horse management:
    • manure management strategies
    • second chances for horses
    • sales fraud in the horse industry
    • horse’s best chance during disasters
  • horse diseases: EHV-1
  • horse diseases: pasture associated laminitis
  • preparing to become a professional horse show judge

These topics cover quite an array of different horse areas.  In whatever capacity of the equine industry you are working – or plan to work – gaining further knowledge in areas can be beneficial.  Of course, if the topics above link with your desire to learn more about managing horses, horse health, equine pastures or competition horses, then the above will be even more beneficial.

As an added bonus, for those who complete the courses with a minimum score, they will receive a certificate as well as a digital badge for their Mozilla Backpack.  Of course, certificates and course completion dates can look great on a resume!  I always love free horse stuff, so why not benefit from this resource that I’ve recently come across?

“Great dressage demands more than skill; it engages a rider’s inner wisdom and his ability to communicate with a mount in the silent language of horsemanship.” ― Elizabeth Letts

Screencast-O-Matic for Equine Businesses

I’ve recently been made aware of a heap of tools that we can utilise as educators in our classrooms.  As an equine teacher, some of them look like they’ll be really helpful!  We have a short video that is technically a PowerPoint slideshow that students watch at the start of each unit and answer a few questions before they start their materials.  This proves they are engaged and can access the content.  And I got to thinking about Screencast-O-Matic for Equine Business.

This is a free tool that you can download and utilise on your computer, phone or tablet. (There is a paid upgraded version).  It allows you to video yourself and/or your screen and add audio to it.  So for me, this seems a great tool for talking over the top of the PowerPoints we use.  Then students are able to engage in a visual manner and auditory.  Great! So how could this work for an equine business?

Screencast-O-Matic for Equine Business | Equus Education
Screencast-O-Matic for Equine Business | Equus Education

You can load any document on your screen and share it whilst talking through it.  This may be showing clients how to fill in a booking form for one of your stallions.  Or perhaps you’re an equine author and you want to introduce potential readers to the first chapter of your book.  As you read through the pages, you can record the screen and you reading it out loud and save this as a video.

It’s really intuitive and easy to use!  And once you’ve saved the video, you can upload it to YouTube, your video or have it stored on the cloud.  It’s up to you!

What information would you like to share with clients that you could develop into a video format with you talking over the top?  It could be a slide show of foals from your top stallion, photos of horses performing at competitions, you name it!  Or maybe as an educator you want to create video resources for students.  The time limit is 15 minutes but for a free application, this gives you ample to work with.  Check it out.

Free Webinar: Developing Your Personal Horse Network

I love that there are free webinars relating to the horse industry!  And even better yet, for those who cannot attend those that appeal to them, My Horse University have an archive of previous webinars.  These are available free to download.  The latest webinar was focused on developing your personal horse network.

Free Webinar: Developing Your Personal Horse Network | Equus Education

This was presented by Dr. Christine Skelly.  Dr. Skelly is an equine extension specialist for Michigan State University.  The horse industry is large and covers most countries around the world.  Networking can play a vital role in how your horse career pans out.  Of course, this is alongside your skill, aptitude and work ethic!  But being familiar with how to develop your horse network is a great skill to have.

Even as a horse owner, it’s important to have a network of horse contacts.  These may include farriers, vets, horse riding instructors, mates to ride with and other health care professionals.  You never know when they may be able to help you and your horse in your horse owning journey.  If you plan to be a professional in the equine industry, then this network becomes important in a different way.

This webinar was run on January 15 of 2019.  This is what MHU said about it:

“Feeling a little lost in the horse industry? With over 988,000 horse professionals in the United States, finding the right fit for you and your horse can be challenging. A supportive horse network will help you meet your equestrian goals and support your horse’s wellbeing.

This webinar will discuss what you should look for when choosing horse industry professionals. We will discuss qualifications and characteristics of horse industry professionals including veterinarians, farriers, riding instructors, trainers, stable managers, feed dealers and hay sellers. Finally, we will consider opportunities to get involved in the horse industry at a local, state and national level.”

You can access the archive where the Developing Your Personal Horse Network webinar will be available to download.  There are plenty of other recorded webinars that you can access for free, too!

H5P Content for Horse Businesses

At work we’re undergoing a change to the Learning Management System that we use to provide content to students. In the training that I had to undertake, there was a reference to H5P activities. Now I wasn’t familiar with what these were, so did a little search online and came across where you can create and share rich HTML5 content and applications. Cool!  And of course I got thinking: h5p content for horse businesses.

H5P Content and Horse Businesses | Equus Education
H5P Content and Horse Businesses | Equus Education

So how does this relate to horses? Well the activities that you can create are varied. They may include:

  • Check lists
  • Drop and drag text or images
  • Matching images in a memory game – I can already picture using this one to have students match the word bay with an image of a bay horse and cover the colours of horses
  • Interactive videos
  • Presentations with interactive slides

H5P Content for Horse Businesses

Perhaps you’re providing a horse related course. Maybe you want a presentation to promote a service or product that relates to horses.

These activities and applications that you create can be utilised in Moodle (the learning platform I use at work) on WordPress and Drupal. There are about 40 different activities and games that you can utilise to help put across some information or test someone’s knowledge on a given topic.

Now on their site, you can create a free account. I’m always up for free resources that you can use to create products or resources to benefit others! If you are big on online resources, then why not check out the H5P website and brainstorm how it could help your equine related business?

RescueTime for the Equine Entrepreneur

Having access to so many different things on the internet means that as an equine entrepreneur, it’s easy to waste time. Although the sites we access may not be bad to utilise, they may not be productive! I recently came across RescueTime and thought I’d check out what it is all about. And it seems to me that it could be of benefit to any horse person that spends time online.

RescueTime for the Equine Entrepreneur | Equus Education
RescueTime for the Equine Entrepreneur | Equus Education

This is a setup that runs in the background on your computer or mobile device. It’s role is to track the time that you spend on applications and websites. In this way, you’re able to see how much of your day is spent in particular online areas. Doing so will highlight any inefficiencies (time wasters) that you can cut back on – or completely cut out! And doing so will then allow you to focus your energies on more productive tasks.

You can also set goals to help you stay focused. Say, you want to spend only 1 hour a day catching up on your horse business emails. An alarm can be set to indicate to you when you’ve hit this timer and so remind you to move onto other tasks.

You can also gain detailed reports from RescueTime. They show you which websites or applications you’re dedicating your time to. You can also receive a weekly summary that highlights what you’ve done online, for how long and where. This can help you to change priorities, set new goals and stay on track for where you should be spending time online relating to your horse business.

There are apparently built in productivity scores that cover thousands of websites and applications. And the categories are customizable to suit your needs. What’s even more appealing to me is that there is a free plan you can utilise.

Free Webinar: Action for Equestrian Trails in Pennsylvania and Beyond

Who doesn’t love a free webinar? Especially when it’s horse related! My Horse University along with the Equine Land Conservation Source are offering a free webinar on November 13. It will be held at 7pm ET. Presented by Gwen Wills of the Pennsylvania Equine Council, it’s titled Action for Equestrian Trails in Pennsylvania and Beyond.

Free Webinar: Action for Equestrian Trails in Pennsylvania and Beyond | Equus Education
Free Webinar: Action for Equestrian Trails in Pennsylvania and Beyond | Equus Education

With a focus on trails access for equestrians, Gwen Wills will be speaking on the issues, solutions and collaborations that need to be understood between local and state agencies, equine advocacy organisations and also consultants. On top of this, she will explore behaviours relating to equestrian trails and how to avoid potential conflicts with other user groups and how to work with them, rather than against them.

She will also cover good environmental practices that aid in protecting utilised land for trail rides from environmental damage.

Interested in hearing this free webinar? You can head along to the associated My Horse University page and register for it. If you’re really keen to listen to this but cannot make the live session, then you’ll be pleased to know that it will be recorded and archived for others to access online at a later date. You can check out all of the My Horse University webinars under their archive link.

Free Webinar: Action for Equestrian Trails in Pennsylvania and

The webinar is to be hosted utilising Zoom, which is a great online resource. You can sign up to use this webinar tool in advance to ascertain that it works on your computer. Apparently the speaker Gwen has developed and also conducts workshops relating to Trail Stewardship. These run over 1 and 3 days.

They look at maintaining sustainable trails and preparing horse riders to help preserve trails for the benefit of hikers, bikers as well as those who are equestrians. If you have the opportunity, be sure to check out this free webinar.

Pick My Equine Project

Recently I was made aware of Pick My Project as someone was asking for locals to vote for their project. It seems that this is an initiative of the Victorian Government here in Australia. It states on their site that there is “at least $1 million in funding available in each metro and regional area,” as a community grants initiative. Locals can vote for the projects that they feel would best benefit their local community. You can vote for up to three different projects within your community. And so I got to thinking: why not a Pick My Equine Project?

Pick My Equine Project | Equus Education
Pick My Equine Project | Equus Education

Rather than being based on location (although this is a possibility), it could instead be based on industry. And perhaps even the sponsors could come from various equine industries.  This may be racing, English, Equestrian or perhaps Western. Various groups and also individuals put together an idea that could benefit their industry.  Then people can vote for this.

The idea could:

  • relate to education of a particular aspect of the industry (like equine welfare sessions held for horse owners and carers)
  • be a free resource for horse people to utilise (like a pool at a local racetrack or a trail for pleasure riding)
  • relate to the setup of a new riding facility
  • even be to establish a network or group of horse professionals to tend to horse needs in the local community (like veterinary, farrier, massage, chiropractic, etc)

With Pick My Project, it happened in 5 stages:

  1. Submit your project (this was possible over a 3 month period)
  2. Projects reviewed
  3. Voting open (over a 1 month period)
  4. Projects selected
  5. Funding negotiation

Pick My Equine Project

With the project idea, the cost of the project needs to be listed as well as an outline of what the project entails. Pick My Equine Project could be a great way to further the equine industry relating to facilities, technology and education across the board. It’d just take a group of people to source funding and then promote the idea. Then it’d be up to other individuals to put forward their project ideas!

Equestrian Legacy Radio Online for all to Hear

I recently saw a reference to Equestrian Legacy Radio. I think they were a sponsor for a horse product on a website I was viewing. Well it looks like this setup is a live talk radio show that is available online for anyone to hear who desires to. It is a horse focused radio for equestrians and those who love the lifestyle that is western and equestrian.

Like other radio stations there is music and conversation. Guests include various equestrians from differing disciplines. They are brought onto the show to discuss current horse events and other topics that are of interest to horse owners and enthusiasts.

Equestrian Legacy Radio Online for all to Hear | Equus Education
Equestrian Legacy Radio Online for all to Hear | Equus Education

Equestrian Legacy Radio

It is possible to listen to Equestrian Legacy Radio live, but for previous sessions, Podcasts are available in an archive. Radio hosts include Bobbi Jean Bell and Gary Holt. The parent company of Equesetrian Legacy Radio is the Equestrian Legacy Group.  Gary is the founder as well as the president of this.

Gary has said of this radio setup:

“New technology has allowed us to reach people and make new friends Around the World with Online Radio, who share the same interest and passion for both horses and music. The goal of EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is to both entertain and inform our audience and for them to feel as though they are visiting with friends around the campfire or the kitchen table…we hope we’re doing that.”

The internet really has opened up options to share your passions with many others.  How great to especially do so with those who share the same interests. The fact that people from anywhere around the world can take part through the internet is an incredible thing.

Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook

I have touched before on the topic of biosecurity and horses.  I really feel there is the potential for a course in this area alone!  It is nice to see some horse courses have a subject that focuses on this at least.  I was recently made aware of the Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook through one such subject where I work.

Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook | Equus Education
Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook | Equus Education

There is a farm biosecurity website that has a section dedicated to horses.  If you’re aware that there are some horse diseases that can infect – and even kill – people, then you’ll know that biosecurity on a horse property is important.

Consider the likes of the Hendra virus and the impact it has had in Australia.  Zoonotic diseases are a real threat.  Biosecurity measures are to protect other horses as well as those who care for them.

The above link provides information and tools about how horse property owners can implement practices that protect horse health and human health.  Some things you can actively do each day, others you can implement for particular horse practices.

You can download the Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook to help you with planning on your own property.  The idea of the booklet is to assist property owners with “a set of biosecurity measures applicable to their venue, which can easily be implemented over time to ensure horses are protected from diseases and pests”.

The Horse Biosecurity Workbook

What sort of resources can you find in the workbook?

  • an Action Plan template
  • an Emergency Disease Action Plan
  • Visitor Register
  • Visitor Risk Assessment checklist
  • Movement Records sheet
  • Husbandry Records sheet

If you check out the horses section of this farm biosecurity site, you’ll also find plenty of other resources on offer.  When you can access free horse information and resources, I think it’s always worth investigating!