Donating to Horse Charities, through Business

I am currently looking at a blog to biz boot camp where you get your blog into order with regards to SEO optimisation and earning possibilities.  The presenter of this online free series is Melyssa Griffin, a successful online entrepreneur.  Melissa indicated that because of her online earnings, she was able to donate a large sum to a charity of her choice.  And of course my thinking went to donating to horse charities.  As a horse business, do you give to any charities?

Donating to Horse Charities, through Business | Equus Education
Donating to Horse Charities, through Business | Equus Education

I am aware that the British Horse Society has their own charity that you can support.  So my question for you if you have a horse business, is do you encourage others to use your products or services by giving away a percentage to a particular horse charity?  Perhaps you could give a percentage of your earnings (or profit) each month to a chosen horse charity.  Or maybe you could even donate a particular month’s earnings to a horse charity because of your horse business!

Donating to Horse Charities

Donating to horse charities can be a great way to raise your business profile within the equine world.  If people are happy to pay for your product or service and they know some of what they pay will be donated to a horse charity, it may make them even more inclined to use you!  Just some food for thought.

How can you use your profits to better impact the horse industry or your local community?  It could be through taking on an apprentice and paying them a wage or perhaps through donating to your local Pony Club or adult riding club.  I am sure there are heaps of ways you can use the funds generated in your horse business to positively impact the industry and local community.

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