EquinePay a Follow On from VetPay?

I was chatting with a lady at church recently who was telling me of some health issues her cat had.  The medication and treatment that were required were only made possible through a setup known as VetPay.  As she explained it to me, they paid her vet bills and then she paid them back fortnightly, little by little, interest free until she had paid off the whole amount. And of course I got to thinking, why not a setup like EquinePay?

EquinePay a Follow On from VetPay? | Equus Education
EquinePay a Follow On from VetPay? | Equus Education

It could work similarly.  A horse may need medication or an operation due to an issue with its health – let’s say colic, laminitis or something else.  The overall amount may be a bit much for a horse owner to pay in one lump sum.  Cue: EquinePay.

The full amount is paid to the veterinarian.  Then over time with regular payments, the horse owner pays back what was first dished out for the health of their beloved equine.  This is done interest free.

I could imagine something like this working well in Australia, but even more so in third world countries where horse health and welfare is at times very limited.  Having a business that works with local veterinarians and helps to fund horse care and operations could greatly increase the quality of life for many equines.

Of course, this would need to be funded by someone who had access to plenty of finances and a heart for horses.  But who’s to stop that from being a possibility?  Perhaps in your future horse career, you can partner with others to setup something like this that will make horse care and operations more affordable to horse owners.  It’s worth a thought!

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