Golden Ghost by Terri Farley

In Golden Ghost, Sam and Jen partner up to do a history project together.  They have no idea what awaits them in the ghost town of Nugget, where their project is set. When they discover a beautiful palomino mare, they are more than a little surprised.

Golden Ghost by Terri Farley
Golden Ghost by Terri Farley

Further to this, Sam is amazed that her friend Jen is convinced she knows the mare. She claims she is a mare that her father purchased for his breeding operation that went missing two years ago.

Sam is keen to uncover the mystery of the town Nugget. Why did it close down? What caused the deaths of the animal bones that she and Jen have found within the town? Who has been looking after the mare that has been missing for so long?

As Sam tries to piece things together, she is distraught to find that the Phantom’s new lead mare has been found dead. What’s worse, she could have died from something that could affect the rest of the herd.

Jen is struggling with her parents fighting over money. Her dad is keen to move into town while Jen and her mother want to stay on the farm. Jen is convinced capturing the palomino mare will solve all their problems. Sam is keen to help her, but she questions just how far Jen will go to secure the mare. How far is too far?

As Sam finds herself working on the history project alone, she is not impressed. When Jen isn’t at school the day the project is due, Sam comes to a sickening conclusion. There is only one place her friend could be.

The town of Nugget is unsafe and her best friend might just be there all alone, trying to catch a flighty mare. Can Sam get there in time to help Jen? And can she talk her out of pinning all her hopes on a horse?  Golden Ghost is another great read by Terri Farley.

Author: Terri Farley
Fiction – teen
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