Making Strides by Lauren Brooke

If you’re familiar with the author Lauren Brooke, it may be for her Heartland series that went on to become a television series. Following the Heartland series she created Chestnut Hill. This follows the lives of a group of teenage girls in a boarding school. The school has an equestrian team and it seems that most of the girls in the group are on it. Making Strides is told from the point of view of Malory. She made it into Chestnut Hill through a scholarship and her lack of money is often an issue.

Making Strides by Lauren Brooke | Equus Education
Making Strides by Lauren Brooke | Equus Education

Still, Malory has riding talent and an obvious empathy for horses. It’s what scored her the scholarship. In Making Strides, Malory finds herself connecting with a troubled young horse by the name of Tybalt. Convinced he has something other than good looks, Malory is instantly drawn to the gelding that reminds her so much of her own horse.

He may be similar in looks, but he is very different in personality.  Malory finds proving his worth to be a challenge. She is convinced she has a connection with the horse unlike uptight rich girl, Lynsey. So when she finds herself having as much trouble riding him, she is dismayed and cannot work out where to go next.

A little help from Heartland star Amy Fleming, and Malory questions if she may be able to acquire a second chance for Tybalt after all. Making Strides shows Malory’s growth as a teen and a rider in amongst a clique of rich girls.

It touches on a potential romance and also explores the concepts of join-up with horses and T touch. The second book in the Chestnut Hill series, it is sure to entertain and enlighten horse fans.

Author: Lauren Brooke
Fiction – teen
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