March Challenge (Advertise Locally)

It’s great to have an online presence, as discussed in the February challenge, but often it is more important to be known locally in the horse industry. If you’re keen to acquire new positions and learn new skills, then make the effort to let the locals know about you:

  • send out your resume to businesses you’d love to work for
  • list your skills and contact details on local noticeboards, indicating you’re seeking opportunities to further your skills and work hard for a future employer
  • attend local equine events and if at all possible, work or volunteer at these to raise your profile
  • be sure to talk with those established in the industry as well as those starting out so that you’re building up a network of suitable contacts

If you are running a business, likewise contact the locals and offer your services if they are fitting. For example, someone starting up a farriery business may as well contact all local studs, riding schools, racing stables, riding for the disabled and performance stables to advertise their trimming / shoeing skills. Offer a discount for increased numbers – a great way to drum up business!

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