Pony Up Daddy Saddles

How many of you as children rode around on your father’s back? Or perhaps as a parent you’ve played this game with your children? Well someone has gone and cashed in on the idea, creating the Pony Up Daddy Saddles. This is a unique horse related idea that I think many parents will appreciate. And to top it off, I am sure the kids will love the idea of Pony Up Daddy Saddles, too.

Pony Up Daddy Saddles | Equus Education
Pony Up Daddy Saddles | Equus Education

As it states on their website:

“Pony Up Daddy Saddles have revolutionized the living room pony ride. Anyone that has played the part of the pony knows how important a handle is for the child to hold onto. Without the Pony Up Daddy your child will be tugging on your shirt, your hair, ears, neck chains, or anything else they can get a hold of. These were the exact issues we faced when designing the first Pony Up Daddy for our own kids. We needed something other than “the pony” for the kids to hang onto. We set out to make an easy to use, durable, comfortable, high quality saddle that could take anything the children could throw at it. The Pony Up Daddy has been designed by parents for parents. We hope your family will enjoy our saddle as much as we have.”

Now these saddles that are designed to fit mums or dads come in a variety of colours and designs. There are solid colours of red, pink, blue or black. Or if you’re after a pattern, you can get one in camouflage or even leopard. If you head on over to their website, you can see photos and even videos to display the toy at work.

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