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Trisha Dingle of Race2Ring Equine Rehab & Egyptian Rose Sport Horses was kind enough to answer some questions about her profession.  Read below for her answers!  Also, if you take a look at the website, volunteering is a possibility and educational days are held.

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
Nearly my entire day is equine related – I’d say overall a minimum of 75%, closer to 90% of my week is horse related

What is it exactly that you do?
I am a professional horse trainer. I manage a 501c-3 non-profit equine rescue and rehabilitation facility. In addition I keep a small personal show string of Arabian sport horses.

Race2Ring Equine Rehab
Race2Ring Equine Rehab

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earning a liveable income?
Yes it is, but it takes a lot of work and thinking outside of the box. In order to maintain my personal horses I also work as a consultant for a health and nutritional company.

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
No matter when you start working with horses, one should spend as much time learning all aspects of equine care and training. I continue to take riding lessons with other professionals.  And I attend as many educational opportunities as I can on all aspects of equine care. Ideally you should spend time in a quality working student program in the breed/discipline you prefer.

There are some wonderful equestrian schools for post high-school education, however one must be cautious to be open to additional learning as there are so many advances in equine care and management that aren’t always covered in school. It is highly advisable to take business and management courses as well.

Favourite horse memory?
Too many to pick one… from my very first pony who ignited my love of horses, to the birth of my long awaited upper level prospect, to winning a national title with my stallion after a long battle with his health, to helping countless “throwaway horses” find their forever homes with people who love them.

Race2Ring Equine Rehab
Race2Ring Equine Rehab

Future goals?
To help even more forgotten horses have a new lease on life; to educate the average horse owner on proper horse management and care; to continue to train my personal horses to the highest level of their sport while maintaining and strengthening the bonds and connection we already share; to prove to the general public that show ring success CAN be achieved without resorting to drugs or harsh training methods.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
Waking up every day to a job I love!

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