Sports Chaplaincy Australia

There are a lot of professional sports people around the world, some of whom work in horse industries – racing, eventing and even rodeo work.  Many sports areas make use of chaplains as:

A chaplain is a trusted, authentic, caring person.  They are trained in sports pastoral care to assist sports communities provide genuine care for their members.

Sports chaplains are known in Australia to be used in local Pony Clubs.  Chaplains’ roles include:

  • Club-wide pastoral care
  • Mentoring
  • Pastoral and spiritual care and support
  • Suicide awareness
  • Stress management support
  • Crisis management & recovery services
  • Home and hospital visitations
  • Grief, loss & bereavement care
  • Family care & support
  • Marriage & relationship preparation and care
  • Life skills support
  • Debriefing delivery
  • Referral support

Often these roles are volunteer, rather than paid.  If you have a Christian faith and are keen to reach out to the working horse world in your area, perhaps you’d consider the idea of volunteering for such a role.

For those interested, you may like to look into Sports Chaplaincy Australia and Australian Racing Christian Chaplaincy.

“The way to heaven is on horseback.” – Author Unknown

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