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Breeding for a Niche Market

Percheron x Mares in South Australia

People may choose to breed a horse because they want to raise one from a foal and break it in themselves, or even simply because they have a mare with access to a stallion… but breeding for a particular demand is I believe, a way to make a living from breeding horses.

My husband and I visited South Australia in April of this year and were lucky enough to be introduced to a gentleman who breeds Percheron crosses for the Mounted Police.  Apparently a mixture of their colouring, height and temperament made them a typical choice for work in the force.

If you have an interest in breeding horses and a passion to produce a quality product, consider researching your market first.  As an example of a very competitive market, there are many thoroughbreds produced in Australia for racing, perhaps more than are necessary to enter the market.

If you plan on being successful in breeding horses, you need to know that there is the demand for what you plan to produce.  You also need to know that you can produce what you have in mind!

“Men are generally more careful of the breed of their horses and dogs than of their children.” – William Penn

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