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Rider Bling – Using Amazon to Focus Your Horse Niche

I can’t remember how it was that I came across Rider Bling. But on first glance, I thought it was a tack / riding apparel store that had a website to promote their own products. Looking at the boutique section of the site, I realise I was wrong!

It seems that the concept of Rider Bling is something I often promote, but haven’t really seen actively in action before! It is an online store with horse products, but what makes it different is who owns the products. This site appears to be specifically set up to benefit from affiliate commissions. The horse related products on display and for sale are all sourced through Amazon. Can you say, Equine Passive Income Stream?

Rider Bling - Hand Picking Amazon Items for Sale

Rider Bling – Hand Picking Amazon Items for Sale

When you visit the boutique area of the site, you’ll be provided with Brooke’s Picks of items. It would be my guess that as sales are made, Brooke makes commissions on these. So she’s not creating the items for sale, but rather guiding people toward horse related products that are already for sale on Amazon.

Rider Bling – Horse Affiliation

The unique thing about this is that she’s found a way to make money from someone else’s product – with presumably little input from herself! Instead, she’s gone through the Amazon catalogue and picked out what she likes. Then from here, she’s providing images and prices (which are given through Amazon Affiliates in a nifty little code). People click to buy the product she’s recommended and voila she receives a commission.

If you have a passion for particular horse products and you know they’re available for sale on Amazon, then this idea could appeal to you. What could make the website more appealing to visitors is an information area. You could provide horse articles that highlight the benefits of a particular product…  And then you give readers the opportunity to buy said product. This would require more time from you initially to write the articles.  However, it could also provide more benefit to people who visit your site. Food for thought.

A Horse History Theme Park

So recently I’ve taken a little journey in the area of horses and history. More specifically, the learning has occurred with regards to horses in the United States of America. That said I have learned about other horse history events around the world. This has led me to think about the possibility of a horse history theme park.

What would it entail? How would it work? Some of you may be familiar with the Living Horse Museum in Chantilly, France. This museum focuses on the impact of the horse throughout history around the world. There are over 30 rooms that show statues, mythical creatures, paintings, poems, little figurines and even life size dummies displayed in a myriad of horse riding apparel.

On top of this, they have a display of various living horses that cover different breeds. Demonstrations are also provided with live horses.

A Horse History Theme Park could offer Carriage Rides

A Horse History Theme Park could offer Carriage Rides

So it could be something like this. But instead, the sections of the park would focus on different events or aspects in horse history. For example, there could be an area where ponies or draught horses are used to log trees. As people travel around the park, they can do so via horse and carriage, driven by someone who works at the park.

A few times a day, messages could be handed to riders on their equine member of the pony express, and this message could then be raced around the park’s perimeter to see how quickly it can be delivered by the team. A channel that meanders through the park could have a boat on it that is pulled by a team of working mules as was the case with the Erie Canal in the US.

A horse racing event could be held in the middle of the day to highlight the world’s interest in horse racing still today. Ponies of similar stature to those used for mining could be paraded for people to inspect.  And history fact sheets could even be provided to onlookers. There are many possibilities!

A Horse History Theme Park

If there was a place you could go to learn about how the horse has left its hoof print on our history, would you? I think this could draw a lot of interest from horse fanatics and history buffs alike. What do you think?

Horse Power Inventions in History

Recently I read the Equine Spirit by C S Purdy and learned a lot about what horses have done for us over time. I was amazed to learn about some pretty incredible horse power inventions in history.

  1. The Pony Express was made up of teams of horses and riders that were used to convey messages over long distances, quickly. Obviously one horse and rider can travel a lot faster than a lone person running. The use of a pony express could speed up communications over long distances.
  2. The Erie Canal in the United States was run on horse power too, surprisingly! Or more specifically, the pulling power of mules. Mules were attached by ropes to boats and they were directed from the side of the canal, to lead boats down it! Ingenious.
  3. Conservation grazing. As outlined in Jenifer Morrissey’s book the Partnered Pony, some ponies are specifically used to graze in a protected area. These equine species will graze on specific plants and create minimal damage to the area, helping to promote a specific result in the native area.
  4. Tree logging. Although a lot of this is carried out by machinery these days, it was ultimately a large horse focused industry. Today even, horses or ponies are used in areas that machinery cannot access, or when the local flora and fauna needs to be left as untouched as possible.
Horse Power Inventions in History

Horse Power Inventions in History

Horse Power Inventions

There are many inventions out there that are or were only made possible by the equine species. I’m not certain that era is over! Do you have a horse related invention in mind that you feel can meet a particular need? Be sure to check out a recent post on equine grants if you’re seeking funding help!

“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.” ― Adlai E. Stevenson II

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses

Recently we had a look at the idea of equine grants on Equus Education. I’d love to explore the other side of this, too. That is, providing grants for horse businesses. In fact, what if there was one place you could go to online that outlined various horse related grants available to the public?

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource

Imagine it. You plan to set up a horse organisation or venture that may be a not for profit. Or, you want to use horses to meet a need in the community. You know that if you are able to setup your horse related plan, you can do great things for locals – and do it with horses, too! But you need some funds to get things started.

If there was one place online that you could go to for this, it could be a great resource. Various grants could be listed based on localities, amounts available and what it’s available for. It could be to establish facilities for keeping horses or offering riding. It could be finances to help with buying needed products like horse riding gear, helmets, or even horse feed. Perhaps grants are available to establish a marketing campaign once your horse idea is setup.

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource

Whatever it is, how great to be able to go to one place to find it. Perhaps this website could even have a set of questions that you answer to determine just how many grants may be applicable to your situation. For someone who has worked in the area of not for profits and who has a passion for horses, this may be a project that excites them. Plus, they’d have the know-how to be able to set it up.

For it to be an income earner for the person who provided such a valuable resource, they may have to consider paid advertising on the site. Or perhaps they can provide these resources to individual horse set ups at a monthly subscription fee.  Did someone say equine passive income stream? 😉

Todhpurs – Children’s Horse Riding Apparel

Recently on twitter I had a new follower in the form of Todhpurs. Now I’ve got to ask, when you read that word, what images does it evoke? Either they’ve chosen a brilliant name…  Or, being a mother of 2 under the age of 3, my mind is often on toddlers! I think of toddlers and jodhpurs. And this in turn makes me think of horse riding clothes for littlies!

Now I had no idea if this is how the name came about, or it was just a nifty coincidence, but I liked it! A read over their About page soon proved the theory to be true:

“Todhpurs are the first riding boots made with toddlers and young children in mind. They are comfy, reliable and easy to fit on those wiggling toes.  Todhpurs has been created by three sisters who came up with the idea back in 2015 when Hannah (the eldest) had her first child George.

Finding the perfect pony, our little Pixie was easy but finding the perfect boots for George was a near impossible challenge. No matter where we looked, there were no riding boots on the market for toddlers and young children that looked as good as regular children’s boots or were not up to the standard we would want from our own boots.

What started out as a bit of a dream soon started to turn into a reality with help from a family friend who put us in touch with our amazing suppliers. With endless challenges and changes we were finally presented with a boot we fell in love with.”

Todhpurs Cater to Horse Riding Boots for Toddlers and Young Children; would you be Interested?

Todhpurs Cater to Horse Riding Boots for Toddlers and Young Children; would you be Interested?

My husband and I are blessed to live in a regional town with friends who own horses and ponies. Already we’ve had offers for our daughter to learn to ride (she’s 3 in a few months). And in time we hope to have land and a pony for the children to learn on.  But until then, I’m happy to wait for things to fall into place.


I love the idea that there’s a market specifically for young children and to meet their needs. I remember frustrations of my sister in law, trying to find the right shoes for her children when they were first learning to walk and get about. For the horse focused family, knowing that there’s a brand (or brands) specifically tailored to young riders is awesome! So why not check out the Todhpurs website?

Brookhurst Risk Solutions – Equine Insurance

I believe it was a recent follower on Twitter that made me aware of Brookhurst Risk Solutions.  Founded by Laura Upton, this is an equestrian insurance company.  They also provide commercial insurance, but of course it’s the horse part that interests me!

It’s always good to know about horse businesses that are run by horse people.  Laura is a horse owner and an equestrian insurance specialist, making her the sort of person you’d want to ask about insuring your own horse.  It could be that you have horses as a business, a hobby or as an investment.  Either way, there are times when they need to be insured and it’s great to know you can go through someone who knows horses.

Brookhurst Risk Solutions - Equine Insurance by Horse People

Brookhurst Risk Solutions – Equine Insurance by Horse People

Brookhurst Risk Solutions

What interests me in particular with this business is how it came about.  As a keen amateur rider, Laura is noted to compete in various horse disciplines, but mainly in Showjumping.  As it says on the website:

“With an expansive knowledge of Rural businesses and working in Insurance for nearly 20 years, Laura decided to follow her hobby with her business acumen, to establish Brookhurst Risk Solutions.”

I love this!  It’s a given that I tend to enjoy horse books more when they’re written by people in the know – and that this is what I try to do with my novels, too.  I love to see how a horse passion and other skills can be combined to create a unique, successful business.

So in what area might you be looking for insurance for a horse?  Various options are listed on their website:

  • Horse and Pony Insurance with Vets fees up to £10,000
  • Bloodstock and Stud Insurance
  • Livery, Riding Schools and Farms Insurance
  • Freelance Grooms and Instructors Liability Insurance
  • Horsebox and Trailer Insurance with Breakdown Cover
  • Personal Accident for Riders, Grooms and yard owners

That’s quite a list!  If you have insurance needs with regards to your horses, riding or career, then be sure to look into it!  Otherwise, if you have a passion for horses and knowledge in working in insurance, then perhaps a career change in the future could lead to a business that combines the two?

Gate to Great – Retraining Racehorses

Perhaps you have a desire to train horses as your equine career. Recently I was made aware of a setup that focuses on retraining racehorses.  It’s known as Gate to Great. Once the horses have finished racing, they can be unsuitable for riders of other disciplines – especially those who are inexperienced riders.

That said, I know of a long list of people waiting to take on ex-racehorses local to me! A previous employer at the local track always has people asking him about horses he needs to re-home after racing.

Gate to Great appears to be a setup where horses are taken in, retrained and then re-homed. Love the idea! Perhaps a similar setup could appeal to you for a business idea?

It states on their website:

“Under the program name of “Gate to Great Geldings”, we provide a rehabilitation process that gives Thoroughbred geldings a chance to recover from the rigors of a racing career and time to develop new skills outside the backside environment. Relying on our experience using Thoroughbreds for ranch work, we expose former racehorses to tasks necessary for success in new vocations, be it on the range or in the arena.”

Gate to Great - Retraining Racehorses

Gate to Great – Retraining Racehorses

Like humans, horses don’t need to be made redundant after they’ve finished a particular career. Especially a horse that has raced. Often this profession is short lived and horses can find themselves retired even before they’ve fully matured. If they aren’t to be used for breeding, then they should be considered for a new riding career.

Gate to Great Training Program

There are many people who love to take on off the track thoroughbreds and then retrain them. It’s great to see a program that is set up and follows a particular philosophy for their horses. What great OTTB retraining program or trainer do you know of?

Forageplus – Forage and Soil Analysis for Horse Environments

Recently Equus Education received a new follower on Twitter – Forageplus. Curious, I had a look at their profile. Set in North Wales, it turns out that these guys focus on welsh horse supplements, forage and soil analysis as well as managing horse environments.

As it states on their website, the Forageplus team mission statement is:

“To promote whole horse health using the ideas of the leading horse educators around the world. To create value and make a difference to equines and their horse owners through good science and information that works.”

I love that we live in a time where science and education is being used to better horses lives as much as possible. Whether it’s to do with saddle fit and function as in equine ergonomics or better nutrition practices after studying the horse’s digestive system – it’s all good! We’re continuing to learn and better understand this great species. Consequently, we’re able to more effectively meet their needs and this will continue to improve.

Forageplus - Forage and Soil Analysis for Horse Environments

Forageplus – Forage and Soil Analysis for Horse Environments

If you explore the Forageplus website, you’ll see that they offer many services, including:

  • Soil analysis – what’s in the soil on your property affects the types and quality of grasses. This in turn affects your horse’s digestive system.
    • Knowing what’s in the soil and what’s missing means that property owners can make adjustments that are better for the land and their horses.
  • Forage reports – this looks at the varying minerals in the forage you’re feeding your horse as well as the nutritional make up. It’s a great way to see what you’re really giving your beloved equine and what may be lacking.
    • Everything needs to work in balance; too much of one thing can affect the right amounts of another.

It’s great to see another business that has a passion for horse nutrition and health. The website offers many products for horses as well as free articles relating to horse health and digestion. Why not check it out?

The Ultimate Equine Image Site

Have you considered the idea of stock photo sites? Or more specifically, a stock photo site that focuses on horses? I believe this could work as a horse related career. And why? Because there are many markets out there where an equine image needs to be bought and utilised:

  • For horse blogs and articles
  • On horse book covers
  • Horse photos for educational resources
  • On logos for horse businesses
  • Horse images for screen savers and desktop backgrounds

An Equine Image Platform

Going that one step further, I believe that there is room for an equine image platform. What would be offered on this? Images for the abovementioned points. But on top of this, there could be access to a certain number or type of images for a monthly fee.

People can also gain access to tools that can help them to develop images. For example, they could download an image for their next horse book cover. Then they could use tools offered online to add in a title, author’s name and other book details. They could even add other images or effects to the photo, ultimately creating their book cover online.

Would you Utilise an Equine Image you could Personalise Online?

Would you Utilise an Equine Image you could Personalise Online?

The same could be said for magazine covers and Pinterest images for a blog post or website page. It would also be possible to create horse logos for a business.

The general idea is that this platform provides the horse images and the capability to turn these photos into a graphic for professional use. There are many horse businesses out there with an online presence. Having one place they could go online to find appropriate photos and generate graphics could be something they’re willing to pay a monthly fee for.

On a side note, you could also encourage photographers to submit stock that could be sold at a flat rate and they receive a commission. You earn and they earn. Another equine passive income streams possibility!

Equine Podcasts as a Business Tool

Recently I attended a friend’s wedding and got talking to the husband of one of the bridesmaids. He made reference to a podcast host and hosting network that he and a mate currently provided – New Pod World Order. This was done at a fee to those who wanted to be able to create a podcasting channel.  In time I got to thinking – equine podcasts!

There are equine channels on YouTube and horse related radio stations. Websites and blogs are numerous. So why not a podcast that relates to horses?

This is another topic that is only limited to your imagination and knowledge. Equine podcasts could build up a large following over time. How great to be able to tune into a particular horse trainer or someone else who is known in a certain field relating to horses? Racing, breeding, nutrition; the list goes on.

Equine Podcasts - Would you Listen?

Equine Podcasts – Would you Listen?

Equine Podcasts

What I love about the idea of a podcast is that you can download the audio file and listen to it later, or again! Perhaps you have a particular horse professional whose knowledge you’re really benefiting from. How great to be able to download their audio files and listen to them in your car or on your iPod later! Perhaps you can even listen to the audio just before you work with or ride your horse. In this way, the information is fresh in your mind for you to implement. Great!

Some people learn better from hearing, rather than reading. And if your eyes don’t like the idea of sitting in front of a computer screen for too long, then equine podcasts may be just for you! Horse information in audio form can be just as beneficial as the written form.

So how can this be turned into an income earner? If you’re providing valuable information, you could charge a fee for the files. People could pay to download the files, or they could pay a monthly subscription fee and have access to any/all files that you record.

Another option is to offer your audio for free, but to promote products within your podcasts. As people gain interest, they can check out these products on your site and purchase them.  An example of a horse related podcasting setup is Strides for Success. Why not check them out?

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