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Attending Horse Events for Business

There are a lot of horse events around the world that you can utilise.  Have you considered the idea of attending horse events for business?

When I worked for the National Centre for Equine Education, we made a point of attending Equitana.  This was a trade show we used to highlight our horse courses.  It was a great opportunity to show what we taught and how (online, flexible delivery, face to face).  We could also meet prospective students.  Plus, it helped people to be aware of us.

Brand awareness is one thing that all horse businesses need.  With that in mind, are you aware of the following horse events around the world?

If one of your goals with your horse business is to establish yourself internationally, then a priority should be to know about trade shows around the world that are relevant to you.  From here, research what is involved in having a trade stand and get busy!

Would Your Horse Product or Service Benefit from Attending Horse Events for Business?

Would Your Horse Product or Service Benefit from Attending Horse Events for Business?

Attending Horse Events for Business

There may be a horse trade show in your local state or country.  Otherwise, you may need to look overseas.  If it’s your dream to set up a product or service that is known by all equestrians or horse owners, then trade shows will definitely be of benefit.  The internet is great for raising brand awareness.  However, for many, the opportunity to touch and feel a product – and meet the people behind it – goes so much further in guaranteeing a sale.

“A horse which stops dead just before a jump and thus propels its rider into a graceful arc provides a splendid excuse for general merriment.” ― Philip, Duke of Ediburgh


Spark of Hope, an Equine Organisation

I love finding organisations that are horse focused. If it’s a ministry that reaches out to people, it’s even more appealing to me! This is the case for Spark of Hope, located in the Melbourne area, Australia.

Spark of Hope exists to provide hope in a world that at times, for some, seems devoid of it. Spark of Hope seeks to bring together both people and horses and explore the different ways that we, humans, can learn from the horse.

Using body language and understanding how horses communicate, Spark of Hope is able to make use of horses to teach people. They can learn how to overcome fears, develop healthy attitudes and also view the world differently. As it says on the Spark of Hope website, “all it takes is a single spark to change a life…”

Spark of Hope is an Equine Organisation in Australia

Spark of Hope is an Equine Organisation in Australia

One of the founders of this organisation – Anna – has long held a vision for this organisation. She hoped to one day be able to see horses being used to help people. Through using horses, it was hoped that people would better understand themselves – and also better appreciate the gorgeous equine animal.

Spark of Hope

Spark of Hope has some incredible purposes. One, to provide a home for horses that are considered at risk. This could be due to poor living conditions or neglect or not being deemed useful to their owners anymore. Secondly, they aim to create an equine based learning program.  It will help young people and adults emotionally, socially and spiritually, having a positive impact on their mental health.

On top of this, they aim to provide a respite environment for those who need rest and restoration and increase awareness regarding the importance of animal welfare. If any of these values – or all of them! – appeal to you, then you may like to read a little more about this organisation on their website.




Equimark – Equine Markings for Registration

I have touched on horse applications before as a potential equine passive income stream.  I’ve just recently connected with someone on LinkedIn who is involved in Equimark.  This is an application that can be used to register equine markings of your horse.

Equimark has developed an App for all horse breeds that require markings to be recorded for registration and passport purposes. All Equine bodies may have their own specific forms added to the App for use by their members. Forms are digitally completed and mailed direct from the App to chosen email recipient/s. Currently, forms listed under South Africa are already active.

Equimark - An Application for Horse Identification and Registration

Equimark – An Application for Horse Identification and Registration

What I love about their website is that along with links on being able to purchase the application, you can also find out about:

  • varying horse markings and their descriptions
  • various methods of identification and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • a colour guide to help people identify what colour their horse is
  • a labelled image to help with points of the horse

I am sure there are instances when people register their horses, but the forms are filled out incorrectly.  The above information on this site will help to avoid some of the more common errors when filling out forms.

According to their website, advantages of using the Equimark App include:

Equine identification forms are digitally presented
Forms are uniform and easily edited
Environmentally friendly reducing paper wastage
Accessible any time from any Country
Less time consuming

This sounds like a great application that so many people will benefit from and also be able to use!  It’s a good example of creating an app that will be utilised by many.  Be sure to check it out with the above link.

“I had been riding horses before my memory kicked in, so my life with horses had no beginning. It simply appeared from the fog of infancy. I survived a difficult childhood by traveling on the backs of horses, and in adulthood the pattern didn’t change.” ― Monty Roberts

Online Horse Platforms

There are many platforms online these days that people make use of to sell products.  For me, I am able to sell horse books via Amazon, horse educational resources via TeachersPayTeachers and horse courses via Udemy.  So I’m thinking: online horse platforms!

One thing that makes platforms so appealing is that people can sell a particular type (or types) of product.  As sales are made, then the creator of the product and the creator of the platform benefit financially.  So say you have a heap of people using your platform.  They may only each make a small amount of sales, but as the platform creator you are benefitting from all of these sales.

What if there was one place you could go to online to purchase a heap of horse resources, or to create and sell them?  Let’s consider equine digital products as the focus of your online horse platform.  You design and provide a platform where people can sell digital products that are horse related:

  • horse courses
  • horse ebooks
  • horse educational resources
  • horse patterns
  • horse website themes
  • horse plugins and applications
Online Horse Platforms: do you see a Market for them?

Online Horse Platforms: do you see a Market for them?

I’m going to stop there!  Who knows, perhaps this is just another niche area waiting for someone with the passion and expertise to make it a reality.  Does the idea of online horse platforms excite you?

In time, it could be possible to provide premium accounts on the platform too as a way to bring in further income.  Here’s another potential equine passive income stream!  Food for thought.

“I believe that horses bring out the best in us. They judge us not by how we look, what we’re wearing or how powerful or rich we are, they judge us in terms of sensitivity, consistency, and patience. They demand standards of behavior and levels of kindness that we, as humans, then strive to maintain.” ― Clare Balding

Megasus Horserunners

A friend shared this Megasus Horserunners link with me on Facebook and I love the concept – unique!  This is a new business idea and they are currently raising funds to get it off the ground.

So what’s it all about?

The world’s first clippable runners for horses, using our patent pending Mega Lock Fastener Technology.

We have developed brand new hoof protection for horses using cutting edge technology.

Meet the Megasus Horserunners – the world’s first shock absorbing hoof protection that allows all natural hoof movements and works on any type of terrain. Think of these as the first DIY running shoes for horses!

Our patent pending high performance fastener system allows you to easily clip the Megasus Horserunners on and off at maximum convenience for both, horse and owner – without using any nails! FABULOUS!

Megasus Horserunners - Would you be Interested in a Shoeing Alternative for Your Horse?

Megasus Horserunners – Would you be Interested in a Shoeing Alternative for Your Horse?

Megasus Horserunners

There are just over three weeks left on the kickstarter website where funds are being raised to get this project going.  They were aiming for a total of 100,000 euros and had just over 104,000 pledged as I wrote this post!  You can check out their official website and also pre-order the product!  Why not have a look?

I love seeing new horse businesses starting out and being supported by the equine community.  It’s great to see that horses truly can be a career and there are some brilliant people out there making such useful products!

The world of equine podiatry is an interesting and also expanding one, with many people shying away from typical horseshoes.  It’s truly interesting to see what other products are being put forward as substitutes.

“If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that horses do listen to you. They may not have a clue what you’re saying, but they know the tone in which you say it. I’ll sing to horses so hooked on their own nerves they’re ready to climb into the sky, and sometimes it’s one of the only things that keep them on the ground.” ― Mara Dabrishus

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Grooming Hands – a Curry Comb Alternative

I was recently reading a product review on Breeches and Boat Shoes.  The author had been sent a pair of grooming hands to try out on their horse and then write a review for.

This particular grooming item works like a curry comb.  Instead, it is a pair of gloves that you put on and use to brush over your horse.  According to the Grooming Hands website, the gloves are designed with:

  • Specifically placed massage points for easy gripping and optimal pressure
  • Deep massaging tips on middle and ring fingers
  • Open access for thumb and tips of pointer and pinky fingers for dexterity

The science behind the gloves is listed as:

  • Unique thermo plastic with anti-static properties
  • Carbon filaments throughout glove to reduce static discharge
  • Tested across hundreds of animals
  • Latex free

It’s always interesting to see new horse related products that come onto the market.  Generally it seems they come about because someone sees a gap in horse related products and they find a way to fill it, or they see something can be done better – so they do!

'Grooming hands' would be a Great Tool for Sale Preparation!

‘Grooming hands’ would be a Great Tool for Sale Preparation!

That seems to be the way with grooming hands.  They are identified as pet massage and grooming gloves – so not just for horses.  But they definitely seem like a good substitute for a curry comb, to me!  I know my hands end up quite dirty when I am currying horses in preparation for a sale – having gloves to protect my hands would be welcome!

This product that is designed and assembled in the United States has many benefits:

  • Use fingers to scrub the body, loosen dirt, dead skin and feel for lumps, scabs or ticks
  • Ability to use the cloth of the glove to wipe around eyes or nose or face, and legs
  • Able to pick up and/or hold leash, lead line, or halter
  • Massage muscles at the same time as brushing
  • You will never drop your brush again!
  • Use while bathing or washing your pet
  • Machine washable and easy to clean

Why not take a look?  Check out the website link above.

Equisal – Tapeworm Testing Product

So you may be familiar with fecal worm egg counts. These determine the worm burden of a particular horse.  This in turn tells us whether it is necessary to provide them with an anthelmintic treatment.  I have recently been made aware of one such treatment that identifies if horses have a worm burden – specifically tapeworms. Interestingly, this is not carried out via a faecal test. Nor is a blood test used. The Equisal Tapeworm Test makes use of saliva to determine a worm burden and if any action is necessary.


The Equisal Tapeworm Test can Benefit any Horse

The Equisal Tapeworm Test can Benefit any Horse

This is an interesting product that is no doubt beneficial to those concerned about their horse’s health.  With this test, you can quickly determine the tapeworm burden of your horse.  If it’s an issue, then you can promptly act on this by worming your horse with an anthelmintic that targets tapeworms.  According to details on the Equisal website, it is important to:

Simply incorporate tapeworm testing every six months into your targeted worming programme.

Current EquiSal data shows that only 25% of horses have a tapeworm burden.

Like with many products, if you order in bulk you make a saving.  For those who have large horse properties, the bulk investments would well be worth looking into.

The benefits of routine testing is that it may not be necessary to worm some horses.  If the worming product is cheaper than the testing product, owners may debate it is easier to just worm horses.  But a build up in resistance to some wormers by parasites indicates that it is better for horse owners to only worm horses that have a significant worm burden.

A product like Equisal for this reason can greatly benefit those who are managing horses.  It is another example of a horse related product that will benefit many across the equine industry.

“To see the wind’s power, the rain’s cleansing and the sun’s radiant life, one need only to look at the horse.” – Author Unknown

EquiSoft – Horse Software Systems

I recently connected with someone on LinkedIn who made reference to using the EquiSoft system at a place they worked.  According to their website, EquiSoft provide:

Horse Management Systems designed by experts in both bloodstock and technology

Furthermore, they can boast clients such as Shadwell Stud, the Irish National Stud, Coolmore and the Aga Khan.  Wow!

EquiSoft Live is a horse management system that they have developed.  It is available live online.  What does this mean to business owners?  That they can access much needed information anywhere, anytime – as long as they have the internet.  Great!

There are many horse software programs out their for businesses to use.  The ones that are accessible from anywhere you can use the internet, are a step ahead of those that you need to install on a computer.

Those that are designed by people who know software systems and also the horse industry are a step ahead again.

EquiSoft - do you have a Horse Management Software you use?

EquiSoft – do you have a Horse Management Software you use?

EquiSoft is able to provide software for horse and stud management and for racing administration.  Important sides of the thoroughbred industry are covered by both of these different areas being catered to.

Software to manage horses is becoming more and more available online.  However, finding software that aptly caters to what the horse industry needs can be difficult for some.  Having software that is made by those who know the industry is obviously of benefit to the horse business owner.

EquiSoft, Horse Management Software

Whether you’re a business owner looking for software to better manage your horse business or you’re someone looking for a business idea in the horse industry: have you considered horse management software?  There are many forms of management software that are available that can make a manager’s life easier.  There are also many companies out there that could make use of another passionate staff member!  Or, if you have the know how, you could develop your own software for a niche area of the equine industry.


Equine Industry Peer to Peer Lending

I was recently reading an article about different ways to invest $100. One suggestion referred to a business that promoted peer to peer lending. This was the first I’d heard of this term.

The general idea is that every day Joe’s can invest a small sum (or a large one) toward a loan that another Joe needs to fund something. One person gets a loan that they are due to repay at a competitive rate. Other people invest their funds into this loan, and gain as they receive the loan repayments.

Now this article identifies a business in the United States that promotes peer to peer lending. The lenders can only be in the US however, so I went searching for something similar in Australia. The first I found allows lenders to invest at a minimum of $25,000. This is a sum too large for me.  As opposed to the appealing $25 you could invest in the American based set up.

Peer to Peer Lending for the Equine Industry, would you Invest?

Peer to Peer Lending for the Equine Industry, would you Invest?

So I got to thinking: what if there was a peer to peer lending setup for the equine industry? People could apply for funds as they typically would for a loan. Other people could invest their funds (even amounts as small as $25) and receive a return. An added bonus would be knowing that the money they’re providing for the short term is helping to finance ventures within the equine industry.

I love the idea of investing and receiving a return; I also love the idea of helping others to grow in the equine industry. The industry as a whole could be improved through the borrowed funds of others. It could allow people to gain degrees or other qualifications, to purchase their first broodmare or share in a stallion, a racehorse or perhaps gain funding to compete.

Of course, for this to be possible there needs to be someone with the vision and the financial know how to set up an equine industry peer to peer lending business.

Equine Editor – a Niche Focus

I believe many different careers can have a niche focus – horses. Recently I’ve been editing some horse non fiction books in return for copies of them.  And I got to thinking: equine editor! I love to receive horse books to read! I learn something new, enjoy a good story and get a copy in return.

Any Horse Book would Benefit from an Equine Editor

Any Horse Book would Benefit from an Equine Editor

Often when reading, I pick up on inconsistencies in grammar, spelling mistakes or something else that needs editing. It is not because I am better than the person that has written the book – it is because I am a fresh pair of eyes.

In fact, the same is true for the novels that I write. Having someone else read them, means that any errors or inconsistencies are more likely to be picked up.

There are many needs for editors today. Newspapers, magazines, novels, text books and also articles online.

What if you could focus this skill on one particular area? Horses. An equine editor would presumably bring the same skills to the table that other editors would. The difference would be that they could also read horse related pieces with knowledge of horses.

In this way they may pick up on inconsistencies that non horsey people wouldn’t. A simple example is the reference to a chestnut horse as having a brown body with a black mane and tail. Or perhaps talking about a blaze on a horse’s leg.

The Equine Editor

An equine editor would be able to pick up on these issues and also correct them. Luckily, there are a lot of equine related magazines, novels, text books, articles and more out there.

If you have skills in the area of editing – a keen grasp of the English language (or other languages), good working knowledge of grammar, attention to detail and a passion for horses and knowledge of them, then perhaps this niche area is worth setting up as a business.

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