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What Would Your Ideal Horse Property Consist of?

At uni this semester I am undertaking an elective Property Planning and Development.  I look forward to the day when I can apply the principles to my husbands and my property, but until then, am content focusing on the agistment facility where I keep my gelding.

We are required to map out what is available on the property in the form of facilities and paddock subdivision and then create another overlay where we put in proposed changes/additions with a focus on sustainability.

This is possible to do manually with a printed out aerial map of the property, or electronically.

If choosing to do so electronically, we’ve been pointed towards a program that you can gain for the cost of postage (otherwise it’s free) from eAgribusiness.  If you’re establishing your own setup, the cost of postage is well worth investing in (and probably can be claimed on tax ;)).

“For the wonderful brain of man
However mighty its force
Had never achieved its lordly plan
Without the aid of a horse.” – Ella Wilcox

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