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Free Motion Analysis Tool

So recently I was up in Wagga at Charles Sturt University for my resident school.  One of the subjects I’m studying this year is equine locomotion.

One of the lecturers on the subject had recently done a study on the effectiveness of certain anti inflammatory drugs.  In assessing this, she was observing horses move on a treadmill and filming this whilst also putting a sensor on their feet to determine weight carrying capacity.

A program that she used was a free motion analysis tool that you can download online.  I asked if I could use this program to film my own horse and then assess his movement if he was out racing around a paddock.  The answer was yes, although it wouldn’t provide as detailed or controlled information as sensors and a treadmill would.

So!  For those curious about software that they can download and use for free that assesses motion, take a look at The Institution for Rehabilitation Research and Development.  Enjoy!

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