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Friday Feature: Groom

This week’s letter is G. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Foaling Attendant.

Well since the last time the letter G was covered in a Friday Feature, a new career relating to horses has been added!  If you’re keen to see the numerous careers covered on this site (150+!), take a look at Vocation 100.

Turning Horses out to a High Standard is Important as a Groom

A groom has a role that is very hands on with horses.  This task may also fall under the category of stable hand or even strapper, depending on the industry that the role is carried out in.  In short, they are in charge of the horse’s health and welfare as well as their presentation.

Someone who is interested in work as a groom may find their tasks consist of:

  • Feeding and watering particular horses
  • Exercising them (lunging, riding, hand walking)
  • Preparing them to be ridden by a rider, trainer or owner (by grooming them and tacking them up)
  • Warming up and cooling down particular horses
  • Dealing with basic first aid treatments
  • Turning the horses out to a high standard (this may involve washing them, grooming, plaiting, braiding and clipping)

A professional show or sale groom is one who is employed to make a horse look it’s best for a competition or sale.  Being able to turn horses out to a high standard and paying attention to detail are strengths that will help in this profession.  It should be expected that weekend work will be commonplace, too, as most often shows occur then and sales can go over these days.

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“All horseback riding is great until you go to a $40 show for a 75c ribbon.” – Author unknown

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