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Friday Feature: Land Management (Equine)

How is Your Land Managed for Horses?

This week’s letter is L. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Jockey.

For any person who owns or leases a horse, they know that land is needed on which to keep it.  There are many properties out there with owners who are willing to keep horses for a fee (agistment or grazing rites).

Unfortunately, much land used for stock isn’t managed to be best of it’s productive capability.

If land is managed well, it will be more productive for horses, safer (less weeds and other pests, more protection from trees and shrubs, etc) and will be able to hold a greater number of horses, thereby earning the owner more financially.

If you have an interest in land management for equines, consider learning:

  • about soil science (as can be found in an agricultural degree)
  • about composting or putting nutrients back into the soil
  • what fodder sources are suitable to grow for horses
  • how biodiversity can benefit a property
  • about rotational or other forms of grazing/pasture management

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“You know you’re a horse person when you consider a golf course as a waste of good pasture land.” – Author unknown

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