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Horse Hair Jewellery – Red-Tail Designs

Whilst reading Rosie and Scamper by Vicki Watson, I was made aware of the idea of horse hair jewellery. This was particularly in the form of bracelets made from horse hair.

At the end of this novel, Vicki provides details from one such jewellery designer. Susan of Red-Tail Designs has a website detailing the products that she makes and sells around the world. What’s unique about her designs is that they are named after specific horses that have affected her life.

As it says on her website:

Who knew a purchase from a tiny gift shop in a Montana airport would spark a new business venture?
That’s what happened in the mid-1990s when Susan Newquist found a barrette adorned with a simple 3-strand horse hair braid She bought the barrette, all the while thinking like any good craft aficionado, “I could make that.”

Horse Hair Jewellery

If you desire to have a personalised gift, then you can actually send her horse hair from your horse.  Or maybe a friend’s horse and it can be turned into jewellery. This can be a great memento for friends, especially if they have lost an equine friend.

Horse Hair Jewellery of Red-Tail Designs by Susan Newquist

Horse Hair Jewellery of Red-Tail Designs by Susan Newquist

This is another example of a unique horse related business and product. What is special about it is that it can be unique to each person.  This is through being created from the hair of a horse they know. There are a number of different designs available to buy, at varying prices. Being made from an animal product, there is a question of customs and getting the hair out of your country to Susan.  This is so that she can make your design. That said, it is possible to do and she can answer questions regarding custom queries as is shown on her site.

Further adding to her art, Susan also provides classes on creating jewellery like hers.  The events listed on her site don’t appear to be recent, but perhaps with enough interest she would be willing to do more!

“For the most part, I’d say if you crossed a cat with a smart dog, made him a matriarchal vegetarian, gave him sleek beauty, a mass of muscle, and the desire to run, then what you’d have is a horse.” ― Tom Spanbauer

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