Horse Rider’s Mechanic Workbook 2: Your Balance

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Horse Rider's Mechanic Workbook 2: Your Balance
Horse Rider’s Mechanic Workbook 2: Your Balance

Jane Myers of Equiculture publishing has released another practical and helpful guide to improving your balance as a rider. Split into exercises for the walk, trot and canter, Horse Rider’s Mechanic Workbook 2 provides easy explanations, enough detail to carry out exercises, details of the benefits of doing them and helpful diagrams to further illustrate points.

The second book in this series, Your Balance is a book that will aid all horse riders. It is set out in a practical manner, starting with exercises at the walk that progress in difficulty. As you achieve one exercise, you are encouraged to move onto the next. These exercises are then followed by ones to be carried out at the trot and finally canter exercises.

Throughout the book there are references to articles provided on the HRM website for further reading and clarification.

Your Balance would be of great benefit to any rider wanting to improve their riding and their horse’s responsiveness. It would be particularly beneficial to someone who is teaching horse riding, as it provides practical, short lessons that can be consistently applied to help others improve. Highly recommended.

Author: Jane Myers
Non Fiction – horse riding
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“I’ve spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I’ve just wasted.” – Author Unknown

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