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Maths and Horses – do They Mix?

Perhaps it’s easy to be biased for or against working with numbers, and consequently base your answer on this. I’m going to say the answer is a resounding yes, when considering:

  • points systems at competitions or events
  • measurements for horse feeds
  • weights of horses to consider body score and health
  • wages that are earnt by people working with horses

The list goes on. But my train of thought for maths and horses focuses on a horse related career that I haven’t really explored on this blog. Bookmaking.

Anyone who has been along to a horse racing event may have spied the area for where you can place bets. Bookmakers make known the odds at which they’ll pay out for a particular horse if it wins or places, depending on your bet.

Now I’ve no idea on how easy it is to make a living providing such a service to others. What I’m willing to bet (pardon the pun), is that it requires a keen familiarity with figures and the form guide.

If your passion is horse racing, and you’ve a head for figures, perhaps this is the way to go. Particularly if riding racehorses, strapping or training them isn’t so appealing! With today’s take on technology, perhaps the ability to construct a website and formulate figures electronically would be an upside, too!

As with any desired career, it’s worth checking out what is already in the market. In fact, perhaps a job with a betting company may be the way to get your foot in the door and learn about this side of the horse industry.  Consider the likes of William Hill grand national.

There are a myriad of possible horse related careers out there. If you haven’t yet found one that appeals, why not check out Vocation 100? This is an ever increasing list of horse related vocations and related posts on this blog.

“Horse sense – something that horses have, that stops them betting on humans.”

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