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Profile On: Brooke Sweeney, Apprentice Jockey

Have you always been interested in horses and when did you start out in the industry? What is it exactly that you do?

Brooke Sweeney, Apprentice Jockey

Yes I have always grown up with horses and have always loved them..

I used to go out to the stables with dad before school and watch him ride track work nearly every morning and would be happy enough to just sit there on the barrel and watch but as I got older all I wanted to do was ride them.

I started riding track work at the age of 13.

My job is to ride the horses’ track work in the early hours of the morning and now I have my apprentice jockey license to ride and I’m a full time apprentice jockey… riding in races now 🙂

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
I work basically 6-7 days a week in the stables with the ground work and also riding track work. I start at 5:30 every morning and finish at 11 and then start afternoon work at 3 til 5:30pm.

In this field of work, is it possible for someone to be a full time professional, earning a livable income?
Yes it is possible for someone to be a full time professional.  If you’re light enough and dedicated enough, you will be the ultimate jockey.

What are the general steps taken to be employed as a jockey or apprentice jockey?
You start track work to learn how to ride and make sure you’re around 50kgs is the best weight to be at…

You have an interview with Racing Victoria and get chosen into the next year’s apprentice class and then have a master/trainer.  Mine are John and Chris Ledger at Wangaratta

You then begin jump outs and get passed on 10 of them and then go onto official trials.  Once you pass 10 of them and at least 2 over 1200m and 2 in your race gear, the stewards say you’re set to race ride you go for it!

Brooke Sweeney, Apprentice Jockey

Any advice for those interested in pursuing this line of work?
If you want to be a jockey make sure you’re around 50kgs and you’re ready to be dedicated to keeping your weight down, make sure your quite small.

In height and size too always helps.

Is there anything else with horses you’d love to learn about or try?
I’m quite happy with what I’m pursuing now and loving the ride its taking me on.

I would love to try going back to eventing or professional at games and show jumping.

Favourite horse memory?
My favourite horse memory would have been going over to represent Australia in a big horse show, competing in dressage, show jumping and games and winning both of my dressage tests I competed in and then coming 2nd in the 6 bar show jumping and 2nd in the games also.

Future goals?
My future goal would be to ride in the Melbourne cup.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
The best part about my sport is its a great leveler between the males and females and everyone gets a go at what ever they want to try within the racing industry.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout my pony club years and now in my racing career that I have just begun! 🙂

” …his hoofbeats fall like rain, over and over again.” – Rachel Field

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