Ride the Wild Wind

Ride the Wild Wind by Jackie French
Ride the Wild Wind by Jackie French

Something I really like about this novel by author Jackie French is that it is a collection of six short horse stories.  Spanning over 170 pages, each story focuses on the horse’s role in a particular time area and an individual’s life.  The stories include:

  • The Golden Pony
  • Strangers on Horseback
  • Half a Million Horses
  • Sir Grey Nose
  • The Black Kid
  • The Baker’s Horse

Aimed at children, these short stories are child friendly while also being educational and fun to read!  The Black Kid may cause some concern based on it’s title, but this book focuses on the subject of racism in Australia and consequently uses some terms and shows how people can be racist.  It is a wonderful story however about a young boy’s relationship with a black stallion.

Author: Jackie French
In my library? Absolutely! I don’t have many collections of short horse stories so I’m glad to have these!
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“A good rider can hear his horse speak to him. A great rider can hear his horse whisper.”



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