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Horse Book Reviews – Fiction and Non Fiction

Horse Book Reviews: Fiction and Non Fiction

Horse Book Reviews: Fiction and Non Fiction

I’m obsessed with horse books and am always expanding my library. When time permits, I even read them! Below are some horse book reviews I’ve put together with the view to finding child friendly and insightful young adult books for the horse lover. Reviews of non fiction horse books can also be found below.

If you too love to devour horse novels, perhaps you’ll consider taking a look at my novel Horse Country which was made available for sale July 1 of 2013!  It’s focused on 4 women working in the horse industry and should appeal to those wanting to break into the horse industry as a career.

For the younger reader, I’ve developed the Free Rein series, which is focused on 3 horse crazy 10 year olds learning about horse care and ownership.

Want to be kept up to date on recent horse book reviews? (I do around 4/month).


Horse Book Reviews

Ablon Whitney, Kim – The Perfect Distance, Hannah and Chris: Before the Circuit
Ackerman, Ned – Spirit Horse
Akrill, Caroline – Flying Changes
Aldridge, James – The Broken Saddle
Alexander, Samantha – Against the Clock
Almos, Angelia – Unicorn Keep
Amateau, Gigi – Chancey of the Maury River
Bagdon, Paul – Stallions at Burnt Rock
Ballou, Linda – The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon
Benson, Linda – The Girl who Remembered Horses
Berrisford, Judith M. – Timber the Story of a Horse, A Colt in the Family
Betancourt, Jeanne – I Want a Pony
Bettison, Tina – 100 Ways to Live with a Horse Addict
Boer, Paula – Brumbies
Brady, Irene – A Horse Named Doodlebug
Broadhurst, Ellen – The Adventures of the $700 Pony
Brooke, Lauren – Coming Home
Brugman, Alyssa – For Sale or Swap
Bryant, Bonnie – Horse Crazy, Dude Ranch, Snow Ride, Pack Trip, Horse Show
Bryant, Cate – Sofia
Burkum, Rachel L. – Silent Ride
Campbell, J. A. – Sabaska’s Tale
Campbell, Joanna – Cindy’s Heartbreak
Campbell, Kimberley – The Calm Before the Storm
Carder, Nan – Nevada Free
Cooper, Jilly – Polo
Cummins, Paddy – Green Lodge
Cusick-Jones, Melanie – Faris and Jack
Dabrishus, Mara – Stay the Distance, Finding Daylight, Whirlaway, All Heart, Saratoga Summers
Dana, Maggie – Keeping Secrets, Timber Ridge Riders the Beginning: Kate and Holly
Dawson, JoAnn S. – Lady’s Big Surprise
Digby, Anne – A Horse Called September
Dimmick, Barbara – In the Presence of Horses
Dorsey, Angela – Winter of the Crystal Dances
Ehrman, Kit – At Risk
Eliker, Rachael – Headed for the Win
Elizabeth, Amy – Cut and Run, Indian Summer, Showdown
Elks, Wendy – Pony Rescue
Evans, Nicholas – The Horse Whisperer
Farley, Terri – Mistwalker, The Wild One, Mustang Moon, The Shining Stallion, Golden Ghost, Desert Dancer, Free Again, The Renegade, Dark Sunshine
Finn, Mary – Belladonna
Fowler, Thurley – A Horse Called Butterfly
Francis, Dick – Come to Grief, The Danger, Reflex
Francome, John – Free Fall
French, Jackie – Ride the Wild Wind
Galbraith, Julie – Stable Ground
Goble, Paul – Horse Raid – the Making of a Warrior
Gorham, Vivien – Touch of Gold
Greenberg Baker, Carin – Pride of the Green Mountains
Harrison, Troon – The Horse Road
Hein, Cathryn – Heart of the Valley
Henry, Marguerite – Palio, the Wildest Horse Race in the World
Hesse, Laura – One Frosty Christmas
Holland, Marion – The Secret Horse
Holland, Michelle – Chelsea: Shelly Finds her Dream Pony
Holt, Hazel – A Time to Die
Hooton, Hannah – Keeping the Peace
Howell, Sandra J. – Angels Club
Humphrys-Dunne, Deanie – Charlene the Star, Charlene the Star and Bentleigh Bulldog
Hunter, Ann – Born to Run, Yearling, Morning Glory
Hutchings, Juliana – A Horse to Treasure
Isaacson, Liz – Third Time’s the Charm
Jenkins, Jo – Girl Perfect
Jolin, Anne – Change Rein
Kade, Carly – In the Reins
Kay, Helen – A Pony for the Winter
Keller Reinert, Natalie – Ambition, The Head and Not the Heart
Kelly, Bernadette – Heads or Tails?
Ketchen, Susan – Born that Way
Kincaid, Beth – Back in the Saddle
Kinsolving, William – Bred to Win
Lattey, Kate – First Fence, Double Clear, Triple Bar, Four Faults
Leitch, Patricia – For Love of a Horse
Leonhardt, Alice – Team Player
Lester, Alison – The Snow Pony
Lyne, Jennifer H. – Catch Rider
McCallum, Fiona – Paycheque
McCreight, Brenda – Good Enough
McNaughton, Price – Murder is Ugly
Malcolm, Jahnna M. – Spirit of the West
Marcus, Katharina – Boys Don’t Ride
Marshall, Grace – No Pizza Delivery?
Matthews, Camille – Quincy the Horse books
Measday, Stephen – The Fang Mystery
Miller, Mara – Head Over Hoof
Mitchell, Elyne – The Silver Brumby, Son of the Whirlwind, Silver Brumby’s Daughter, The Colt From Snowy River, Moon Filly, Silver Brumby Kingdom, Silver Brumbies of the South
Morgenroth, Barbara – Mounted
Moyes, Jojo – Horse Dancer, the
Neri, G. – Ghetto Cowboy
Oldfield, Jenny – Wild Horses, Rodeo Rocky, Crazy Horse, Johnny Mohawk
Pagones, Mary – The Horse is Never Wrong, Fortune’s Fool
Paine, Lauran – the Mustangers
Paterson, Cecily Anne – Love and Muddy Puddles
Pettersen, Bev – A Pony for Christmas, Riding for Redemption
Peyton, K.M. – Pony in the Dark
Porteous, R.S. – Cattleman
Reeves, Elizabeth A – Doubletake
Reinert, Natalie Keller – Claiming Christmas
Roberge, Gini – the Tagger Herd, Wade Tagger, Nikki Tagger
Rue, Nancy – Horse Crazy Lily
Scott, Michele – Death Reins In
Sewell, Anna – Black Beauty
Silvestri, Danielle – Dancing Hooves
Simmonds, Rosemary – Dangerous Journey and Other Pony Stories
Snelling, Lauraine – Daughter of Twin Oaks, The Race, Olympic Dreams, DJ’s Challenge, Letting Go, Raising the Bar
Stacey, Lyndon – Deadfall
Stanton, Mary – The Road to Balinor
Stark, Susy – Isla Picks Herself Up
Starns Clark, Mindy and Meissner, Susan – The Amish Blacksmith
Stranger, Joyce – Breed of Giants, No More Horses
Stephen, Robert – Rory and El Paso
Tait-Zeller, Mitzy – Rim-Fyre and the Stones of Time
Thompson Rees, Angharad – The Painted Pony, The Galloping Pony, The Ugly Pony
Truelan, Tim – Bareback: An Equestrian Romance
Turner, Lorraine – Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail
Vail, Courtney – Angels Club
Vail, Virginia – Horseback Summer, Happy Trails
Walls, Jeannette – Half Broke Horses
Watson, Vicki – Rosie and Scamper
Weaver, Esther – The Amish Horse Whisperer
Wills, Amanda – The Lost Pony of Riverdale
Wood, Karen – Diamond Spirit
Wright Grossman, Nancy – The Judge is Seeing Double
Young, Jan – The Orange Slipknot, Starting the Colt

Horse Book Reviews

Thelwell, Norman – Thelwell’s Riding Academy

Horse Book Reviews
Non Fiction:

Aristotle Ballou, Jec & Boyles, Stephanie – 101 Western Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider
Auchinleck, Honor – Elyne Mitchell a Daughter Remembers
Baber, Lynn – Amazing Grays Amazing Grace
Baker, Candida – The Infinite Magic of Horses
Bennett, Deb – Principles of Conformation Analysis Vol. 1
Bilger, R J – Horse Training with Bilger
Cook, Michele – Finding Your Equine Soul Mate
Crawford, Anne – Women of Spirit
Duthie, Alison – An Eventful Life
Fitch, R.T – Straight from the Horse’s Heart
Goodfellow, Adam & Golding, Nicole – Whispering Back
Griffin, Jenny – How to Construct Electric Fencing for Horses
Humphyrs-Dunne, Deanie – Tails of Sweetbrier
Heselton, Beverley – Horsing Around
Jeffreys, Mel – Horses: Pictures and Fun Facts About Horse Colors
Keenan, Michael – In Search of a Wild Brumby
Kelland-May, Laura – Equestrian Skill Builders
Kimpton, Diana – Horse Stories that Really Happened
Knee, Alyssa – Spike
Leighton, MaryAnne & Staples, Michelle – Equine Emergency Rescue
Maffei, Kristen – Brick Books: Horses
Massey, Amber H. – For the Love of Horses
McLean, Andrew and Manuela – Horse Training the McLean Way: The Science Behind the Art
Mills, Daniel and Nankervis, Kathryn – Equine Behaviour: Principles & Practice
Morrissey, Jenifer – The Partnered Pony
Mottram, Murray and Buckingham, Bev – Beating the Odds: The Rise and Fall of Bev Buckingham
Myers, Jane – Buying a Horse Property, A Horse is a Horse – of Course, Horse Rider’s Mechanic Workbook, Horse Property Planning and Development, Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses, Horse Riders Mechanic Workbok 2, Horse Ownership Responsible Sustainable Ethical
Scaramuzzo, Kandy Kay – Pie
Travens, Lisa – Gourmet Horse Treats Recipe Cookbook

Horse Book Reviews
Famous Horses:

Wilkinson, Michael – The Phar Lap Story






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