Triple Bar (Pony Jumpers 3) by Kate Lattey

Triple Bar does a great job of introducing the reader to the other side of the story. Susannah Andrews is portrayed in Double Clear as a spoilt brat. Even worse, she is known to abuse horses and shouldn’t be trusted – ever.

When you’re able to see the story from Susannah’s point of view, things change drastically. Susannah is in a wealthy family and her parents insist on only owning ponies that perform. Likewise, they want to know that their daughter will do everything she can to win.

In spite of this, Susannah isn’t guilty of the abuse to horses that has been pinned on her. When she has a revelation about her harsh riding, she works to change this, too. In time she learns to care for her ponies as one who loves them, rather than one who sees them as winning machines.

Triple Bar by Kate Lattey
Triple Bar by Kate Lattey

Triple Bar explores the dynamics in Susannah’s family – with a stubborn father, an estranged brother and submissive mother. It also shows how the sole focus of winning can alienate the one person who is expected to perform well.

Susannah believed her parents when they indicated that show jumping friends would be a distraction. But as she battles to perform as her parents insist she does, all Susannah needs is a friend – or two. When one comes surprisingly in the form of AJ, Susannah questions if this newcomer to the show jumping world is genuine. Surely AJ wouldn’t want to associate with someone who is hated by the show jumping world, much less be friends with them?

Triple Bar does a great job of introducing the reader to Susannah and her complicated life where ponies are just as important as they are to AJ and Katy. It’s a great read in the series.

Author: Kate Lattey
Fiction – teen
In my library? I was able to download the first four recently, so as an eBook it is!
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