Rim-Fyre and the Stones of Time

I was contacted by author Mitzy Tait-zeller to see if I would be interested in reading and reviewing her equine fantasy novel that was published this year. Other than reading Sabaska’s Tale this year, I haven’t really read horse stories that are fantasy, so was eager to try out another novel in this genre.

Rim-Fyre and the Stones of Time by Mitzy Tait-zeller

Serena Tattum is a wife and mother of two children. The story picks up with her taking her precocious chestnut stallion out for a ride to expel some of his pent up energy. The pair seems to work well together, in spite of Serena’s need to consistently check the stallion so that he doesn’t develop bad habits or get out of control.

This ride changes things dramatically for Serena as she finds herself unexplainably in the 19th century, although she started her ride in the 21st century. Finding no way to rectify the situation, Serena resolves to find someone who can help her, even if they may not understand the situation.

Rim-Fyre and the Stones of Time is an entertaining story that explores the lengths one woman will go to, to return to her much loved husband and children, whilst learning about a different way of living over a hundred years before she was born.

Tait-zeller provides a great comparison through Serena’s eyes of the land she loves in the 21st century and what it looked like in the late 1800s. Rim-Fyre is the equine hero and the author aptly uses him to describe the beauty and strength of a Canadian breed of horse.

A unique aspect of this 20 chapter story that I really enjoyed, was a thought provoking quote at the start of each chapter. The end to the 242 page novel hints at the opportunity for a follow on story in which this woman and her incredible charge may feature.

Aside from a small amount of cursing, the novel I feel is friendly to readers of any age and will no doubt appeal to teens and adults alike. Well worth the read.

Author: Mitzy Tait-zeller
Fiction – fantasy
In my library? As an eBook it is! An interesting addition and perhaps the second of it’s genre to be added to my still growing horse library.
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