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Free Equine Resource

Hi everyone! Sometimes the easiest way to get the word out about a product or service is to provide one for free. In this way, people are able to get a feel for the product from a particular individual/business and decide if they would be interested in purchasing anything further.

Christine Meunier’s Points of the Horse Activity

So in light of this, I have another free equine resource on offer to:

  • educators
  • students (we’re all students when it comes to horses: you can’t stop learning)
  • someone who is happy to give me feedback on a free product

If you head along to this activity at and download it, give it a go!

This particular resource focuses on the genetics of colour in horses. There are some simple scenarios using common coat colours of horses, and a little worksheet to be able to determine the likelihood that when two horses are bred, the foal will be bay, or chestnut or another colour. Why not take a look?
While you’re at it, if you love to test yourself on points of the horse and haven’t yet seen this free resource, take a look at this one too!

And if you are an educator with resources that you feel others could benefit from or are interested in making use of already created resources and activities, why not consider signing up to TeachersPayTeachers?  It’s free!

“Even the greenest horse has something to teach the wisest rider.” – Author unknown

Australian Racing Fact Book

Australian Racing has released a fact book for the 2012/2013 racing season.  It states on the site:

The Australian Racing Board’s objective in publishing the Fact Book is to draw together under one cover the key results and statistics for the Australian thoroughbred sector for each season

There is a link to the Fact Book on the Australian Racing website linked above, but you can head right to it if you like.  If your interest is in the Racing industry, being up to date on racing statistics will be well worth the invested time to read.  The file is a pdf so can be read on your computer or iPad or printed off – whatever suits your fancy!

“A little horseplay… the way best to enjoy a summer day!” – Author unknown

Emergency Evacuation Plan Resource

Here in Australia it’s greatly warming up and the state of New South Wales has been under attack by fires.  Fires are one of a few natural disasters that horse owners should be prepared for – are you?

Horse and People created in 2011 a free resource/fact sheet with regards to an Emergency Evacuation Plan.  Why not take a look?  You can benefit greatly from free resources created by those in the know 🙂

“For the wonderful brain of man, However mighty its force; Had never achieved its lordly plan, Without the aid of a horse.” – Ella Wilcox

Great Anatomy Educational Resource

A workmate sent this link around for reference for our students and I thought it a great one to share!  If you’re interested in the horse’s anatomy, especially with regards to where muscles sit internally, there are great photos on this site with individual muscles identified and named.

If you visit this Horse Dissection site and click on ‘search the database’, you can view in great detail different photos of dissections of varying parts of the horse’s body.


If you’re interested in the skeletal side of things, perhaps an equine clay model would be of interest.

“What a piece of work is a horse! How noble in reasons! How infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! In apprehension how like a man! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals!” – James Agate

Free Motion Analysis Tool

So recently I was up in Wagga at Charles Sturt University for my resident school.  One of the subjects I’m studying this year is equine locomotion.

One of the lecturers on the subject had recently done a study on the effectiveness of certain anti inflammatory drugs.  In assessing this, she was observing horses move on a treadmill and filming this whilst also putting a sensor on their feet to determine weight carrying capacity.

A program that she used was a free motion analysis tool that you can download online.  I asked if I could use this program to film my own horse and then assess his movement if he was out racing around a paddock.  The answer was yes, although it wouldn’t provide as detailed or controlled information as sensors and a treadmill would.

So!  For those curious about software that they can download and use for free that assesses motion, take a look at The Institution for Rehabilitation Research and Development.  Enjoy!

“Stay away from a horse long enough and you’ll start tapping your fingers in the beat of a post trot.” – Author Unknown

Inglis Announce Free iPad App

Well this should be one to excite the sales buffs and pedigree fans! Inglis Bloodstock announced the release of their free iPad application on December 4th, 2012.

“Inglis is pleased to announce the launch of the free Inglis Sales iPad app, giving clients cutting edge yet user-friendly access to Inglis Sales catalogues on their iPad.”

Inglis Sales iPad app key features include:

  • View current, upcoming and past sale catalogues and results
  • Latest withdrawals
  • Latest pedigree updates
  • Share notes and ratings via e-mail
  • Assign the default grading’s to lots or customise your grading criteria to suit your own evaluation style
  • Create, edit and share short lists
  • Comprehensive freehand note taking
  • Enhanced search functionality
  • Sale results
  • Make an offer service
  • Take and share photos of lots

For more information, check out Inglis News.  Apple iPad users running iOS 5.0 or later can download the FREE app at at the iTUNES store.

The cleaner the horse, the dirtier the groom.”


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Free Equine Law Webinar

Horse Property Owners Should be Informed

So I’ve been catching up on some horse blog reading and found a free Webinar link that I think is worth sharing.

Now I don’t know a lot about Webinars, but thought one based on a horse topic of interested to me would be a great way to learn 🙂

The Webinar focuses on Equine Law and potential concerns for horse property owners. It is titled Top Three Things That Cause Equine Litigation & How to Avoid Them.

This one is being hosted by Kelly Hart and is being held on December 6th. Any horse information that you can acquire – especially if it’s free – is worth investing in!

You can sign up for the Webinar at Alison Rowe’s Equine Law blog. I already have!

“The horse! The horse! The symbol of surging potency and power of movement, of action, in man.” – D. H. Lawrence

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Rendaivu, Free Online Horse Keeping Software

So a workmate showed me Rendaivu, an online record system for horse health/care.  Now this would be suiting for the individual with their own horse(s), but even moreso for one running an equine business.  And the best bit?  It’s free!

On this system, you can record your horse’s details, put up a photo, farriery dates (and you’ll get an email reminder of when your horse is next due), worming, vaccinations, etc.

For those offering agistment or livery services – such as on a stud, at a riding school or agistment property – this online system can be highly beneficial by providing all your horse/client’s horse details in one spot.  Property owners can keep track of a horse’s condition by taking a photo of each horse on arrival and comparing this with the horse’s ongoing condition.

Rendaivu – Horse Management Software

There are also sections where you can keep up to date on expenses, finances, show results.  And a very important facility available for this horse and stable management software is that it also offers the opportunity to back files up!

So for those eager to play with a new horse related program or those who could genuinely make use of such a system, check out Rendaivu.  After all, it’s only going to cost you your time (and it could save you quite a bit, too!)

“Love means attention, which means looking after the things we love. We call this stable management.” – George H. Morris, The American Jumping Style

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