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Awhile back I wrote a post about a social networking site for horse lovers – Horse Networking.  Sadly this site seems to no longer exist!  I have just come across one aimed at Australian horse people and businesses, however.  It is called Horsi.

Horsi – the Network for Horse Lovers – is free to use and quick to sign up to.  It is designed so people have a profile, can add their equine business(es) and even add horse details.

Horsi: would you use a Horse Social Networking Site?
Horsi: would you use a Horse Social Networking Site?

A quick search on the site shows that they have different categories for horses businesses to advertise in:

  • Agistment
  • Arena Hire
  • Farrier
  • Floats and Trucks
  • Lessons and Coaching
  • Photographer
  • Veterinarian

And there are many more.  Horsi looks to be me, to be a great place to establish a presence online and connect with other horse people who may want to do business with you.  Or, they may be able to help you find the horse business connection you’re looking for.

You are able to connect with people and ‘follow’ them.  And of course, you can keep up to date on the Horsi news via their Facebook page.

If you’re a horse fan in Australia, then this site may be worth looking into.  It seems to be just setting up, but also a great chance to connect with other Australians who love horses and are perhaps doing business in the horse field.

If you have a horse business in Australia, then it can’t hurt you to further your online presence.  You can do this very quickly by signing up to Horsi.

For those who love internet marketing; perhaps there is still a niche for other horse networking sites.  This is particularly so as this site seems to cater to Australians.  There are plenty of other countries out there with many horse business people, horse fans and internet use.  Food for thought.


One thought on “Horsi – Australian Horse Social Network”

  1. Hi Christine

    Thanks so much for publishing this article on my website Horsi.com.au.

    I just read your update on this article and wanted to let you know that we are definitely here and working harder than ever.

    We are just about to release the following features:

    – Clubs Profile – for our hard working horse and pony clubs across Australia to promote themselves for free.
    – website designer – a low cost option for businesses and clubs to create a beautiful website at the click on a button from their horsi profile.
    – Gamification – which guides users and helps them complete their horsi profiles.
    – Horses for Sale – at the moment we are offering for our users to advertise their horses for free as an introductory offer.
    – stallions at stud – our stallions section will show case stallions across Australia.

    We have a large number of new features which are being worked on and are close to being released.

    It’s exciting times at Horsi, so stay tuned, because we are here to stay.

    Warm regards,
    Founder of horsi

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