RescueTime for the Equine Entrepreneur

Having access to so many different things on the internet means that as an equine entrepreneur, it’s easy to waste time. Although the sites we access may not be bad to utilise, they may not be productive! I recently came across RescueTime and thought I’d check out what it is all about. And it seems to me that it could be of benefit to any horse person that spends time online.

RescueTime for the Equine Entrepreneur | Equus Education
RescueTime for the Equine Entrepreneur | Equus Education

This is a setup that runs in the background on your computer or mobile device. It’s role is to track the time that you spend on applications and websites. In this way, you’re able to see how much of your day is spent in particular online areas. Doing so will highlight any inefficiencies (time wasters) that you can cut back on – or completely cut out! And doing so will then allow you to focus your energies on more productive tasks.

You can also set goals to help you stay focused. Say, you want to spend only 1 hour a day catching up on your horse business emails. An alarm can be set to indicate to you when you’ve hit this timer and so remind you to move onto other tasks.

You can also gain detailed reports from RescueTime. They show you which websites or applications you’re dedicating your time to. You can also receive a weekly summary that highlights what you’ve done online, for how long and where. This can help you to change priorities, set new goals and stay on track for where you should be spending time online relating to your horse business.

There are apparently built in productivity scores that cover thousands of websites and applications. And the categories are customizable to suit your needs. What’s even more appealing to me is that there is a free plan you can utilise.

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