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5 Horse Careers with a Focus on Health

So you’ve decided you want a horse career that relates specifically to looking after a horse’s health.  Equus Education takes a look at 5 horse careers with a focus on health.  After all, it’s nice to know the different options available to you!

  • Equine Veterinarian – yes vets tend to various animals, but it is possible after a number of years working in a small animal practice to focus specifically on horses.  There are many vets who deal with horses all year round whether the focus is on stud stock, performance horses, surgeries or even young horses.  Vets are in charge of horse nutrition, welfare, reproduction, performance and so much more.
    There are also vet nurses that fit into this side of the horse health care industry.  These people often work alongside vets and do a lot of the hands on work for horses that are in an equine hospital.  They feed horses, administer medications, dress and treat wounds.  Veterinary nurses often work within equine hospitals, but can also work on large horse properties like a thoroughbred stud.
5 Horse Careers with a Focus on Health | Equus Education

5 Horse Careers with a Focus on Health | Equus Education

  • Nutritionist – there are people who are specifically employed to focus on equine nutrition.  Horses have very sensitive digestive systems and with their use in competition, racing and other recreational pursuits, it is important that they are well fed.  A lot of research goes into creating balanced diets for older horses, performance horses, breeding stock and growing horses.  Equine nutritionists deal with an important part of any horse’s health.

5 Horse Careers with a Focus on Health

  • Equine Therapist – consider chiropractors, massage therapists, and others that tend to the muscles and skeletal structure of the horse.  Often they assess competition and pleasure horses by helping them to relieve any pains or strains.  They also focus on allowing horses to move in the correct way.
  • Farriers – whether it’s barefoot trimming, tacking on shoes or correctional work, farriers tend to the health care of horses’ feet.  They keep the hoof in a healthy and functioning manner.  They also tend to issues relating to abscesses, thrush, navicular disease and laminitis, to name a few.
  • Equine welfare workers – there are many people that work to ensure horses are kept in the best conditions possible for their welfare.  Whether it’s the RSPCA or a horse organisation that sets out guidelines for keeping horses, many workers help to keep horses in good working condition.  At times horses are found lacking in food, water or other necessities for the equine species.  These are often taken in and restored to good health.

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