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Friday Feature: Riding School

This week’s letter is R. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Pedigrees.

Are you Passionate About Providing Opportunity for Others to Learn to Ride?

A riding school is for many the first place they learn to ride, groom and saddle a horse.  It’s a place where their passion for horses is encouraged and grows and later becomes the cornerstone of an equine career.

A riding school is also a place that can be a viable business proposition.  For someone who is passionate about teaching others to the ride, other than instructing, the idea of running a riding school may appeal.

If this appeals to you, consider:

  • The need for a suitable place to set up a riding school that is easy for people to access, can have riding facilities and horses
  • The need to store tack and horse feed on the property
  • Whether group and private lessons can be provided and on what classes of horse
  • How advertising of the business will occur
  • If you will also teach or employ instructors
  • If you will prepare horses, instructors will guide students on tacking up, or a stable hand will prepare horses for lessons

A business plan for such an idea is well worth considering.  Where funds are coming from to set up the business as well as how much would need to be generated each month to cover the cost of keeping horses and staff would need to be included.

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